Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Mess, The Butty, and the Immediate Future

The Mess: Messy people learn to make piles, balancing each item carefully on the tilting whole... I am adept at this. The pile on the table beside my chair is made up of things I need immediately or might possibly use sometime in the future.

It's easier to dig through the close-at-hand than to have a place for every thing and every thing in its place. 

That's the theory when you're an ENFP.

I decided to attack The Pile first in my I Am Not Lazy phase. Having your immediate area be neat & clean might make one want to have everything neat & clean.*

So I started. I pulled the chair out and found: four pens, 3 barrettes, lots of peanut shells, and miscellaneous flotsam & jetsam (a nautical term I just wanted to use) that we won't discuss. 

Then I started on The Pile, and got it cleaned out down to bare wood!

Woot! Am I good or what? 

It's all nice and clean now - of course, there's more stuff in the bookcases than there was before, and there's a pile on the coffee table, as well. But my area is clean(ish), and that's the main point. Life is good.

Onward and upward: The Bacon Butty was a total failcow.**

What was the chef thinking? He took a basic, wonderful recipe of buttered bread, bacon and HP Sauce, then tarted it up with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and a pretzel roll.
It sucked mightily.

The bacon was hard and sort of chewy (also, the wrong kind, but we won't go there since this is the USA and we can't get British Bacon easily).

The HP Sauce was good, but could easily be replaced by Heinz 57 or A1. No biggie.

I was thoroughly disappointed. (pretend Unhappy Emoticon inserted here.)

The immediate future: I'm on clear fluids for 24 hours!
I can't eat nuthin'!
I'm gonna starve!
Oh wailie, wailie, wailie.***
And NOBODY feels sorry for me! (pUEih).

"More on this tomorrow," she announced, darkly.

ps I didn't find my Kindle in the Pile. I really thought I would. I'm soooo glad I won't be around my husband when he reads this. He'll make a nasty snort noise through his nose. "I told you so" might be around the corner. (pUEih).


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*yeah, right.
**A term coined when my son's 'toon failed dismally in WoW.
***What the Wee Free Men cry when they're distressed. Think Pratchett.


  1. "...make a nasty snort noise...." Well, I never! Bless your heart!

  2. lol (pUEih)!
    My heart, she be HUNGRY!