Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is the day....and the world didn't end AGAIN!

"This is the day
This is the day....
that the Lord hath made
that the Lord hath made...."

That was one of my favorite songs back in the days when we belonged to the Lutheran church. We belonged to the choir and had an excellent Minister of Music, as he was called. We just called him the choir leader.

Being in the choir is the best fun you can have in a church. 

Lutherans have their feet FIRMLY on the ground, and probably expected to be in church this morning with their feet on the floor just as they've been for the last five hundred years.

But, having actually been raised in a religion with several End of the World days (although I only remember 1975), I don't put much stock in prognostications of doom. I just learned (I LOVE Google!) that there have been predictions of the End of the World all down the years since, of course, Jesus started the trend.

That's a long time and a lot of predictions.

I gotta say, though, the Rapture would be fun - floating nekkid through the air to be with Jesus... leaving your clothes in a pile on the ground to be found by the sinnners (who are probably watching you float nekked through the air and filming it for YouTube, plus making COMMENTS on your body parts).

ANYway, last night when we were discussing it at the bar at 5:57 p.m., I suggested to my seatmate (on the OTHER side [i.e., Not Brian]) to put REM's End of the World as We Know It on the jukebox.

It was great.
We grinned and celebrated ourselves.

And then.... and THEN:
And then the world Did Not End!

I feel fine!
ANYway, today is the day we do the errands we did not do yesterday.
  • Go to Giant and buy those things we can't get at theCostco
  • Go to the Irish store and buy those things we can't get at theGiant or theCostco
  • Go to the Garden Center that does not believe in God (they are open on a SUNDAY!) and buy some good dirt & tomato plants
In an All-American way, I am celebrating the continuation of the World as We Know It ... by buying stuff.

I feel fine.
Wow, once (should that be "wonce"?), anyway, wonce you've covered the end of the world that didn't happen this time, it's kind of hard to come up with anything of real interest; therefore I'll end with one of the most uplifting videos I've ever seen, although it's a little sad at the end:

Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh*

I believe in Pooh, and I believe in robins.
And I believe in worms.

And I believe I'll have another beer next Saturday at the bar with My Favorite Bartender in the World.


*See "A Brief History of Winnie-the-Pooh."

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