Friday, June 10, 2011

Think Like Blog, Shellac, Bikini Wax

I think like I blog.

Yes, aimless drifting or hopping or oozing from one subject to the next. Non sequiturs are the norm for ENFPs. Whut?
"Oh, look! A bird!" is our code phrase for "whoops! Mary Jo pulled an ENFP!"

It's not as if ENFPs have ADHD - we don't, or, at least, I don't. It's more that we have facile, flighty minds that trip from one interest to the next quickly, and with aplomb (sometimes with an'orange or a'pear). It's sometimes hard to keep up with an ENFP - but, don't worry - we'll swing back to you momentarily.
It's the weekend, sort of!

Actually, it's only Friday. But, for me, the weekend starts when Brian gets home. He got home on Thursday this week. He'd come home on a Jet Plane, sort of thing;  after Leaving on a Jet Plane. (Yes, I just wanted an excuse to load Leaving on a Jet Plane into the blog - but I couldn't find a really good version; and Gordon Lightfoot's original wasn't on Youtube at all, at all.)

ANYway, today I get my hars cut, which is always exciting, especially when I've already been cutting on them myOwnSelf. Sigh. I'm going to a NEW salon, and hope it's good. I bought a Groupon for a half price mani/pedi, and decided to try out their hair stylists on the same visit.

My hair is hard to work with because it's thick but fine, wavyish, and hates "product." PLUS I have cowlicks along the back hairline, which is good for an upsweep but impossible for a short style. So it's always interesting to go to a new stylist and explain the problems and watch their eyes go from interested to uh-oh.

How about a bob? 

I'll be getting SHELLAC on my nails! Wonder if I'll like it? Wonder if they have good colors? Wonder if I can make it last longer than the two weeks they say it will last? Wonder if I will get a job soon so I can keep getting mani/pedis?

Speaking of paying for services.... dunh, dun, DUNH, dunh.... Let's discuss Bikini Waxes....


My neighbor gets them All the Time. I asked her to show me, but she wouldn't. ANYway - Florida is coming up soon. Das't I? If I do.... ought I to tell you? I mean, it's VERY personal....
...I'm skeered.
My neighbor calls it Getting Ripped. Is it worth it just to feel more "confident" in a bathing suit? And I'm not talking bikini here, I'm talking full-size, cover-as-much-as-you-can, Old Ladyish (but not quite) bathing suits. 

I just spent 20 minutes watching videos of Bikini Waxing (NOT Brazilians....).

I dunno, Toto. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

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