Thursday, June 9, 2011

One a.m., My Leather Chair, My Son, Guhnarls

Last night - rather, THIS MORNING, at 1 a.m., I was watching a Kristen Schaal clip on how women feel about guys sending them their personal penis pictures, and listening to my stupid clock do two verses of We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

I should have been sleeping, but now - like my MOM! - I cannot drink two glasses of wine (really, really BIG glasses of wine; probably 4 regular glasses of wine; maybe FIVE!) at dinner and expect to sleep through the night. So, what I do is go to bed when I'm sleepy (which is Pretty Early when I drink wine), then get up when I wake up (in the dark and the night time... or early, EARLY morning time).

This works well. I can be amazingly productive at 1 a.m.

I -
  • worked on my blog; 
  • traced a new picture that is NOT of my Favorite Bartender in the World's house; 
  • played a little WoW... gotta get Iseault to lvl 85!
These are all things I can comfortably do sitting in my nice leather chair. 

Speaking of my leather chair - I got tard of it not working well. I paid a lot of money for it, and expect a few good years from it. But the foot part had stopped opening up properly, and the chair had an odd list to the left.
A lop-sided chair. Go figure. What could cause it to go sideways?
Let's not go there....
ANYway, I turned the chair over and applied something lubricious from the garage to all the moving bits. It works waaaay better now AND is no longer lopsided! No longer lists to the left!
It doesn't take much to make me happy, and it makes me Particularly Happy that it was a lack of lubriciousness (i.e., lubriciosity) and not my Fat @$$ that was making it list to the left. Hallelujah!

Side Note: I can't believe it! YodieOdieOdie just climbed up on my leather chair to be with me! She's never done that before cuz she was too small. Ever since I gave her the first dose of wormer, she's been FEISTY! I like it!
I wanna be feisty; Iwonder if I could use a dose of wormer?
I've been messing with my blog template, which is always fun. ENFPs like change; we don't like same ol', same ol'...

So, having been up this morning from 1-4, I took a Melatonin and went back to bed. I slept until 11:30 a.m.! That's the downside of getting up and STAYING up in the middle of the night!
I had the most wonderful complement from my son about this blog the other day. Stuck in amongst the Really Nice Things He Said was this line:

"Even though it's quite aimless, your writing is still interesting to read."

"Quite aimless..."

That child totally knows me.* I often think he knows me better than anyone else in the world, including Brian. Brian has said that's a fallacy and that, even though he doesn't talk about it, it doesn't mean he doesn't know me. He's prolly right. I dunno.

2nd Side Note: both my daughters also understand me, but that comes from their being I/ENFPs themOwnSelves, which doesn't count cuz it's easy. My son is an ESTJ - the opposite of me in most ways. It's amazing to me that he understands/gets me at all, at all....

My son was the first one to verbalize something along this line: 
"Mom, you say really weird things sometimes that can offend people, but they don't realize your naivety, and that you don't mean things the way they sound. You never try to hurt people."
And, of course, he's correct. 

I grew up in a household like this: At the dinner table, it was usually just Mom & us kids. Daddy generally worked nights. At the dinner table, we could talk about absolutely anything we wanted to. There were no taboo subjects. It was a wonderful freedom at a time when other kids were enduring "nice conversation" at the table. We learned a LOT at the dinner table, about each other and about life in general.

What we did not learn, or at least I didn't, was that one must have a filter** when out in the world. There are things one mustn't talk about or say - Even Though You Discussed It In Depth last night at the dinner table. 
(Friends of mine who are reading this are prolly saying, "yup, she has no filter; always wondered where her filter was.")

My Favorite Bartender in the World also knows there is no harm in me. He has totally supported me in some of my wilder statements or questions, saying in an aside - "She says bizarre things, but doesn't mean them the way they sound. You never know WHAT will come out of her mouth!"

That's one of the reasons I adore him. That, and the glass of iced tea he serves me with every alcoholic drink. He's on my side, and doesn't want me to get drunk any more than I want to be drunk. 
On the rare occasions when I've had too much to drink,
such filter as I have is totally gone, Daddy, gone

*He's also the child who reads up on How to Fix Motorcycles ... for fun. He enjoys reading dry, uninteresting, factual stuff, so of COURSE my blog sounds aimless to him.
**A famous ENFP with absolutely no filter is Bob Saget. Here is how he learned the Facts of Life. I adore Bob Saget - of course I do, in some ways we're the same person. He'd get me.... 
Big Happy Smiley Face Emoticon to be inserted here if you wish.
btw - I figured out sex when I was six years old - because I bathed with my brothers and I'd seen hotdogs and hotdog buns. I had the idea right, if not the mechanics. 
Should I not have said that? Is this one of those Filter Times?
Also when we were kids - we called breasts "bottles," cuz milk came out of them. We were very observant, and my Mom breastfed every one of us. 

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