Saturday, August 27, 2011

Witch! spayed! Who?

When I get up in the morning, I look like a witch... 
I could scare little kids, and often scare myself when I look in the mirror...

...sometimes, an involuntary OH MY GOD! escapes me... 

Gray hair, particularly at the stage mine is in, just "don't favor nobody"* in the early morning.

So why, you may ask, am I just letting my hair go - albeit, ever so gracefully - gray? Several reasons, one being that Brian's the only one who sees me in the morning, and he's used to me.
I'm still 29 to him.**

ANYway, the two main reasons are:
  1. I'm incredibly lazy. I cannot begin to imagine having to color my hair as often as I'd need to to hide the gray. It still seems to grow very quickly, and I'd be one of those ladies you see in the supermarket with an inch of  shiny, brownish-gray at the roots of flat-brown, dead-looking hair.
  2. I'm interested in the whole aging process. If my hair wants to be gray now, I want to see what it does. That's just the way I roll. *** It started out with beautiful, silvery strands... which have become a less interesting bone-white; but I wish it would hurry up and turn completely white, even though silver would be prettier (yes, an olde witch can want to be pretty). 
I'd post a picture, but I'm waaaay too vain;
but in a Good Way! Really!

I'm just rolling merrily along, wanting to see what happens next (that's kind of an ENFP thing - always curious).

We had YodieOdieOdie spayed this week - $400+!!!! When did animals become so expensive? (Brian says she's reached her monetary limit! This "free" kitten has probably cost us close to $1000 in her very short life.)

Thankfully, our cats are indoor animals - we take them for their early shots and spaying, then forget about vets until they die. They aren't exposed to anything. It's a lot cheaper to have indoor cats; plus it helps the songbird and cute rodent population.***
Our son, Our Son, OUR SON***** and his Best Man are coming to visit on Friday and to pick up his New To Him Jeep Wrangler Wedding Present.  

Unfortunately, Brian and Eliza will be in B'more for a race, so it's up to me to entertain the boys. 

This won't be really easy for me, cuz boys are weird. Always have been. I LIKE them a lot, but don't really know what to do with them. One of the ways I plan to entertain them is to allow them to put a ceiling fan up for me in the dining room. 
They'll enjoy that, because they are both journeyman electricians.

Another thing I could do to entertain them is to let them figure out what's wrong with the smoke alarm on the 3rd floor. It was beeping at odd times, until Brian knocked it off its connector to the ceiling. Now it works fine, but looks stupid hanging from the ceiling by its wires.

Plus, the gate on the fence needs tightening....

& WoW needs playing....

the pub needs going to....

All fun things! Yay!


...maybe I'll just show them what I look like in the morning, and they'll both decide never to marry. 

Although, as St. Paul the Woman-hater said, "it's better to marry than to burn." 

That silly, olde St. Paul - what a dope. Bet he wasn't so pretty in the morning, right after he woke up! He prolly had long, stringy, gray hair hanging lank and nasty in his face (no, that's NOT how I look in the morning - I look like a witch, not a scraggy olde man).

I can understand why no one wanted to marry him - crabby, scraggy olde man! 

Wonder if he burned?

On that note, it's fork time; I'm done.

*quoted from Larry & Laban - 2 of my favorite cooks - from their show Cookin' Cheap.
**in my dreams?
***I've always wanted to say that.
*****The Who - from Tommy

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