Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fleeting Moments of Joy! Dirty Diaper Tasting! BFE!

I had a Fleeting Moment of Joy (FMJ) today. I used to have FMJs all the time, then I went off my anti-depressant and became somewhat joyless. But yesterday I had one - an FMJ.
This gives me hope.
I think most ENFPs have FMJs, which are ephemera, but oh, so wonderful.
I'm glad to be back.
Wow! I just wrote something that was sooooo sappy that I had to erase it! I'm not usually sappy. Sigh. So I made it really small and very light so you'd know it wasn't important; so you wouldn't have to read it if you didn't want to. Then I got embarrassed and erased it. 
All gone - no sap.

Speaking of sap, we were listening to a RadioLab podcast about Gamboge yellow, which is made from sap taken from trees indigenous to the border area of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It takes years to collect enough sap in the bamboo receptacles attached to the trees, and, along the way, souvenirs can end up in the sap. The souvenirs spoken of in this podcast were bullets ... from the Cambodian killing fields. Sadness doesn't express it.

Yesterday, I tossed about 1/8 cup of water on YOO, but it was ok; she didn't know it was me who done it.* She got really excited - was racing around, looking and licking.
She thought it was her tail what done it.
Then she bit it.
Her tail.

That is one scary cat!

My grandson turns eight this month, and Liza and I are going to BFE** to help celebrate it. It's a LOOOONG trip to BFE - 6.5 hours.

I passed on to Tabitha some excellent kid party ideas, the two best were the Kitty Litter Cake and the Dirty Diaper Tasting. The dirty diaper tasting is actually a game for baby showers - but Gabe and his friends are just at that age to be totally grossed out - and happy with it. When I looked at the pictures, I was grossed out meOwnSelf, and it takes a LOT to gross me out.
It gave me the GRUE and shibbers!

ANYway, you use (clean) baby diapers and either melt good candy bars (something chocolate with nuts in is favorite) OR baby food - you know - squash, beets, green beans, maybe one of those weird meat baby foods. Then people have to guess what it is! They can sniff it, touch it, taste it....
If it looks like poo, but doesn't smell or taste like poo, is it still poo? 
Brian and I were just talking about the fact that he needs to use a project manager tool for work now. I said I was a big fan of the If It Doesn't Rear Its Ugly Head, You Don't Need to Deal with It management of projects. He said that approach doesn't work so well for him. Of course, he has a real job in the real world. I did too, once. Then a certain President decided to have a war with no way to pay for it (i.e., read my lips*** - no taxes), and then the economy collapsed, and then I was redundant.
I hate being redundant.

Well, that's all I got. Once I start thinking about being redundant, I just dry up and get bitter... oh yes, I'm bitter.


*if Pratchett can say "done it," so can I.
**Bluefield, VA (don't get all riled up - everywhere is BFE to someone else)
***I know, I know - it was his DADDY who said "read my lips."

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