Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Bird and wine; THOUSANDS!; Shards Galore

So far today I have eaten uh aig on uh tortilla, and drunk plenny tea. My diet plan consists of "Shut Your Pah Hole..." Some days it works, some days it doesn't, and I'm ok with that. Yesterday I oinked on Big Bird (Giant store Fried Chicken) and wine. Brian's binge food is pizza, mine is Big Bird. I used to get Big Bird every coupla weeks when Liza lived at home - I'd msg her and say "Big Bird for Dinner!" She'd msg back with "Yay, Mama!" 
good times....

If I agnore the tv for a coupla days, it has like 5 reruns of Big Bang Theory saved up. Often reruns of reruns, but I don't care. Sometimes that show is Really On, and others not. Oddly enough, I don't like the shows that concentrate on Sheldon. I find smaller bits of him to be much more amusing, cuz I can get the good of them and not be overwhelmed by his sheer Sheldon-ness. 

Brian has THOUSANDS of Dollars worth of work to be done on his teeth AFTER the INsurance pays. He isn't happy. I thaid, "how come you're willing to thpend $6000 on a new roof, but not on your teefs??" He gave me a narrow look; he was not amused, although he took my point. 

We're old, we're cold, and our teeth are rotten! 
hahaha not mine!

Well, I'm back on anti-depressants again - but not Effexor, which should be banned. Phook, I was hoping to never have to do anti-depressants again, but it's not something that can be overcome by strength of character, worse luck. It's due to a lack of something.
Prolly beer.


Well, guess I gotta go. Once again, YOO has jumped on the counter and landed on something that slid and knocked over something I'm sure I'll regret. It happened a while ago, but she keeps going back to investigate the damage. I'm pretty sure it will be one of my favorite BIG wine glasses that nobody else likes to drink out of cuz they're fragile. 
I like fragile wine glasses, but not to step on. 
Shards galore on the kitchen floor! 
Hey, I think that will be my new pen name!

Signing off,

Shards Galore

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