Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dead fairies, Procrastinationion, The Name of the Rose

Three or four Dead Fairies were crammed under my pillows this morning when I woke up; YodieOdieOdie brings them in the Early Morning - hoping to wake me up with their noise.

I make Dead Fairies for her out of empty plastic grocery bags - they're easy to make: just tie the bag into 3 or 4 knots in the middle, leaving enough unknotted to resemble wings. When you throw them, they don't go far - they just sort of sink out of the air, the way a fairie might, if it died in the air.

I don't always sleep well at night - who does? - so I'll sleep later in the morning, still being Unemployed & all. YOO wants me up at 6 a.m. She's bored, she's hungry, she wants some ACTION!

If glowering won't get me out of bed.....

YodieOdieOdie glowers at me... "wake up, Wake UP, WAKE UP!!!"

...she hauls out her Dead Fairies, which crinkle noisily while she throws them on my tummy and pounces full weight onto them.

YOO brings me a Dead Fairie.
I retaliate - I grab 'em and stick 'em under my pillow.

Forlorn, she flops down and waits for me to get my sleep out.

OR, she pounces on Moggie, who is usually sleeping somewhere around my shoulders, and Bites the Hell out of her NECK!

I retaliate - I smack YOO off the bed and comfort Moggie and Go Back to Sleep....
....Effing wiseass morning cat... grumble grumble grumble.


Today I MUST do the homework I've put off since Friday (even though I have two full days left in which to do it).

I think that, because I was raised in a religion that preached the end of the world on a regular basis, I developed a particular laziness based on postponement - why do today what the end of the world might make moot tomorrow? YES!

I was in 3rd or 4th grade when I realized I needn't ever do ANYTHING (especially homework) because, chances were, it would've been a waste of effort.
I'm all about not wasting effort!

I was generally "ill" on Mondays, trying to stay home to avoid going to school and admitting that Armageddon had NOT come, and that I probably should have done my homework.

Mom hated it when I stayed home on Mondays - they were HER day. Her day of rest after the long weekend of children, meals and meetings. I'd stay in my bedroom, playing & still not doing homework (after all, I might die before I get to school, thereby AGAIN having wasted the effort of doing that homework).
And that's how I ruined my Mother's life....

...not true, she LOVES me!
Anyone would, right?


Someone important to me, who does not wish to EVAH be mentioned in this blog, recently told me of an addiction to James Spader in Boston Legal (which I've never watched; don't watch much tv at all, at all). I immediately confused Spader (who I also like) with SLATER, and Youtubed "The Name of the Rose."

If you haven't read the book (author - Umberto Eco) - READ IT!
If you haven't seen the movie - WATCH IT! (I think the entire movie can be watched on Youtube in increments).

I even have a GAME of The Name of the Rose, although I've never gotten past the myriad directions to actually PLAY the game.

I adore Ron Perlman in his part - particular as he tries to blow out the flames surrounding him; it was an insufficiency of effort. :(


That's all I got today - I gotta do my HOMEWORK!


ps Speaking of homework, and housework, & et al I've neglected recently and for all time, here's a little something my youngest daughter suggests I need: PIN

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