Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aimless effing RAMBLING in my HEAD! aaaargh!!!!

Last night, I determined to dump this blog. I felt like I had nothing to say... at least nothing of interest.

I felt good about it ("it" being the decision, not the blog).

Then I was sitting here at 10 a.m. O'clock in the morning, and I was effing BLOGGING in my effing HEAD!

Gods help me.

To you, it may be rambling, but to me... it's BLOGGING in my HEAD!

I started thinking (read "blogging," i.e., talking to you) about the fact that I'm not an obsessive person, as I obsessively played my 7th game of Solitaire on my Droid phone. I'm not one of those poor, sad people who pull their hair out one by one (and EAT it! getting HAIRBALLS in their stomachs*.... like cats);

or someone who OCDs little things on their way through life. My brother's best friend's father (when we were young) said the following EVERY TIME he asked for salt and pepper:

Pass the salt and pepper
pepper and salt
salt and salt
pepper and pepper.

OCD? or just something he did? 

I play Solitaire at night, in BED!  
I used to play it in soft comfort...
...but now I play it in sort of strange, lumpy comfort.
What ARE those lumps, and how did they get into my bed?

Often, Brian and I are BOTH playing Solitaire in bed. 
I asked my Favorite Bartender in the World if he thought that was weird. He said "no weirder than reading in bed." That's why I love him. That, and the fact that he tries so hard not to help me overdrink, even though his job is to sell booze.... 
I vill NOT drink Scotch at the bar,
I vill NOT drink Scotch at the bar,
I vill NOT drink Scotch at the bar.
I can, unfortunately, drink Scotch like water.
Maybe it's not very good Scotch... 
Maybe my tolerance is high cuz I'm Irish... 
Maybe I'm just stupid....
Vhateffer! I vill not drink Scotch NO MORE FOREFFER at the bar!

ANYway, I wisht I was OCD like my oldest daughter, who takes after me in many ways, but is OCD about cleaning (which I sort of am not). She's not OCD all the time, but often, when the "mood" (read OCD, or maybe PMS) strikes her: then it's LOOK OUT!

I'm the same way when cleaning. Basically, just leave me the eff alone if you want me to actually acCOMplish anything. Got the music on, in the mood - baby, I can clean! - for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time. 
But stay OUT of my way, or the impetus is gone. 
Either that, or I'll snarl at you.

So, should I have stuck by my deTERmination to quit the blog? Maybe. 
But, I figure it this way - it's a good way to vent; and it silences the demons in my head. I just wish I could type as quickly as I think... 

On the bright side, I'll prolly start thinking more slowly as I age, right?
On the dark side, I'll prolly have the arthuritis in my fingers, so will be typing more slowlyerish. 

And blogging is a good way to connect with people - especially other messy people who can then say "AHA! I'm not the only one! I may not even be the WORST one!"

Speaking of the worst one - I saw a van at the CVS the other day - and I was dying to take a picture, but didn't want to invade their privacy OR get caught invading their privacy.

ANYway, this van was So Full Of Trash that the person barely had room to sit in the driver's seat! The trash was solidly up into the dashboard and the windshield! And it was crummy trash - I mean TRASH! Not good stuff - as if they were moving. Nope, just trash that was thrown to the back and side seats over the course of probably YEARS! 
Wisht I'd taken a picture!
There you go.
Another day's blog.... I Dunnit, Dave. 
(Dunnit Dave [and I MAY have the spelling wrong] is a character in a Terry Pratchett novel - he's a lousy petty thief who claims to have dun things ("I dunnit!") actually dun by others - hence the name, Dunnit Dave."])

Yup, I dunnit.


*This link is not for those with weak stomachs, but maybe it's a good one for those who eat hair...


  1. HA! I do alot of snarling when PMS'y, but the boys generally know to stay the hell out of my way when I'm cleaning.

  2. What good boys! They've learned their lessons well!