Wednesday, June 29, 2011

on vacation, TOO MUCH VODKA!

We are on a typical vacation - for our family, anyway, which means WoW, eating & drinking. Tomorrow, we're actually going to DO something - we plan to go to the University of Florida Arboretum to take pix so I'll have something to watercolor.

Today is rainy - loud thunderstorms, which is pretty neat. After it clears up, we'll prolly get in the pool. Sorry there's not much more to talk about - but it's just been WoW, eating & drinking.

It's been WoW because we're down here in Orlando hanging out with our son (after work), and he's the one who turned us onto WoW. He and his best friend are the best WoW players I've seen, so we get to do lots of dungeons with them.
Yes, dungeons.

The eating and drinking is a no-brainer. But here's how dumb I am about the whole mystique of drinking. We were sitting at a pool-side bar, and the bartender asked Brian if he wanted a "double" vodka tonic. Brian, of course, said yes. So I said I wanted one too.

Here's the thing - I THOUGHT what he meant by a "double" was that Brian would have a TALL vodka tonic - a vodka tonic with twice as much tonic as normal, on a regular dose of vodka.

(If my Favorite Bartender in the World reads this, he'll be hitting his head on the counter - over and over. Yes, I AM that naive, FBW.).

Instead, for all you know-less people like me, a "double" means TWICE AS MUCH VODKA in a normal amount of tonic.  
But, if you put a drink in front of me, I just drink it...
...and it
...and it
....and it
Many its were placed in front of me, and they all went down easily.

It was an expensive evening, and I love drinking - especially out in the sun with my kids by my side - but I hate to be drunk. I think we over-imbibed that evening. It was still fun, but not as much fun as it would have been if they were TALLS instead of DOUBLES!

ANYway, it's still raining but we want to get OFT OUR FAT BUMS and do something. The gods will provide...

We're oft to find the fun stuff!

Yay us!

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