Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glad to be HOME! Moggie... sigh, purty flar

We had a very good time in Florida, but it rained a LOT!

My son's friend said we'd brought the rain, but we didn't feel guilty. However, it wasn't good rain - it wasn't the daily downpour Due to Being Tropical.
It was huge, scary thunderstorms that closed the pools and trapped us indoors. Brian said it was because of La Nina.
La Nina is a bugger.

We didn't mind being indoors, though, because we had World of Warcraft.... but still, it's more fun to play WoW when one ALSO has the opportunity to go outside and sit in a hot tub or pool. It's much more fun to CHOOSE WoW over other, possibly better, things.
But we didn't choose it, we fell back on it.
Not the same.
Where we were; see the storm clouds?
Nope, not the same at all, at all.

I was very happy to get home to my kitties. Moggie & Yodie-OdieOdie became more tolerant of each other while we were gone, but Yodie still finds it enchanting to surprise Moggie when she's doing "her business."

Binky also did that to Mogs. It must be something about the way she rockets out of the litter box with her business HALF DONE and trails it around the house in disgust that so delighted the two fiends.

Personally, I'm on Moggie's side. I try to discourage YOO, but it's hard to discourage her without scaring Mogs off the pot.

A double-edged SWord.....

Still life with phone
Oh well, we're home, and happy to be here. Last night we sat outside. I sliced a pear for us while Brian downloaded an app for his phone which purported to discourage bugs.

It didn't work. Not on GuhNats, anyway.

The pear was really tasty - one of those brown, oddly-shaped ones.  
They're my favorite. 

ANYhoo, not much going on other than being determined (due to a lack of money in my bank account [picture VERY unhappy smiley face emoticon here]) to find a job.

Should be fun - since I'm not really meant to be a housewife - hahahaha! At all, AT ALL!

Me - housewife - NO!

Purty flar
So, anyway, I'm off to lunch with a friend! Fortunately, at a reasonably CHEAP place. Yay!

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