Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to School! Watercolor glazes....

Soooo..... I was talking to one of my friends at lunch the other day, and she brought up how a friend of hers keeps bugging her to learn Medical Coding. I've thought for several years that I might be good at this, and ought to check into it.

Soooo..... I went home and dug up my local community college flyer and, sure enough, found a class that I could start the next day, which is TODAY!

I already have the prerequisites due to the classes I took after losing My Job - back when everyone was losing their jobs because of Bad Decisions Made by the Then Powers That Be'd.
Yes, I'm still bitter.

So I called up the CC and they had an opening so I signed up. The class starts in about an hour from now. Right now, I'm waiting around for my book to arrive - I had to pay an extra $17 to get it delivered Next Day from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the UPS guy will probably come at 6:30 p.m. - half an hour after the class starts.
Darn it.

ANYway, I'm excited about the class, and will certainly have the book for NEXT week's class.

Wouldn't you think the school library/shop would've had this book? I mean, duh?! Am I right?

I know, I know - they probably had LOTS of them, and the smart people (the ones who signed up for the class at least a week before it started, instead of the day before) already went in and cleaned them out.

I hate going to a class unprepared... but I guess I can handle it. I'm old enough. Prolly older than the instructor. I'll let you know next time.

The sun just came out - does that mean the UPS man will be here momentarily?

Does the universe work that way?

Maybe it does - if he was delayed by the Huge Storm that just went through. YodieOdieOdie sat in the window and watched it. Right now Mogs is looking at her benignly, while YOO dances around pretending she's big and mean. Today, she learned that she can jump into the bathtub, which means Mogs can't hide there anymore. Poor Moggie.
Since leaving the 'orrible art instructor last month, I've been a little down in the dumps about watercoloring. Not down in the dumps enough to give it up, but the bright glow was gone.

BUT and HOWEVER, I was watching a video the other day on watercoloring and LEARNED totally how to do glazes! I can do watercolor glazes left and right now! I am on a roll! A Watercolor Glazing Roll!
I like being on a roll.

I can slap 3 or 4 different colors on - and they'll all shine through. Here's what the instructor said: "Make your paper wet, put down your color(s), when the paper loses that wet sheen - WALK AWAY. You can do nothing more until it's totally dry - then you can do your next color(s).

It works.
It really, really does.

And, as soon as I have money again (sigh), I'm going to go take a class from a Real Instructor! The one in York, PA. She knows what she's doing.
She doesn't say, "paint however you want to, and I'll tell you what you've done wrong." 

Now THAT's what I call a Teacher!

ps Moggie just came meowing (well, since she's a Siamese, she came RRRROOOWWWWING) up to me with her toy so I can throw it. Her toy (and the other hundred of them) is a hairband. Yes, a rubbery hairband.  Like you hold pony tails with.

When she's not playing with them, she stashes them in her food dish, so she'll know where they are. There are usually 3 or 4 in her food dish. It's nice to know where to go for a fishy-smelling, sort of crunchy-from-spit hairband.
 Mostly, I don't use them anymore once they're in the food dish.

pps Ain't got no book; ain't got no UPS man; ain't got no happiness. Sigh.
Except, of course, for the watercolor glazing! Woot!

PPPS - I was certain that the gods would deliver the book if I just gave up on it. Isn't that like a million to one chance? Pratchett would know.... Maybe I need to stand on my head and recite a poem while a cow walks up the road? THAT would be a million to one chance. And everyone knows that million to one chances actually work.

Ain't got no cow....

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