Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School, New Car, Yodie's help, my birthday is coming!

Ok, the teacher IS younger than I, but not by much. I might have 10 years on him. He's totally military - and not a great teacher. I think a great teacher would teach us coding by example. This teacher just reads the text to us.... not sufficient, I'm thinking.
I would've put "IMHO," except that I always read it as "I am Ho."
Which I'm not.
But I don't know who else out there reads it as I am Ho,
so I ain't putting it in at all, at all.

Here's my take on ICD-9 coding - I think I'm going to love it! It fits my mind.... and you don't have to kowtow to different personalities who want different things (you KNOW who you are!). It's cut and dried. Just look up the CORRECT code and stick it in. Easy-peasy.
Of course, I may not be saying the same thing in a couple of weeks.
We got a new car! A blue VW Jetta - this will be Brian's work car, and then he'll hand it down to me when he gets a new car (that's why it's blue - I LOVE blue). We were going to get a new Prius, but Japan (understandably, considering Nature's toll on them) has been unable to fill parts orders on New Priussesses.... so we are going a different route.
A German route!

Our OLD PRIUS has gone to Eliza - her little Saturn finally died - the clutch unclutched itself from life. For the last few months, she's been driving the Wrangler (Gas Guzzler) which we're giving to our son for his Wedding Present. Unfortunately, it'll have a few more miles on it than it would've before Eliza got hold of it. Oddly enough, the Gas Guzzling Wrangler is a Gas SAVER compared to the Mustang our son is currently driving.
Sometimes, he kicks that Mustang.
We are NOT Ford people.

His Future-Mother-in-Law is also named Mary Jo - is that weird, or what? I've met her - she doesn't seem at all like a Mary Jo to me, but I'm somewhat prejudiced.
I AM the Mary Jo.
Took YodieOdieOdie to the vet yesterday - she no longer has WORMS! What she DOES have, though, is ear mites. We can't help but wonder how the last two $100+ vet visits missed the ear mites. Moggie has them too, now, of course, but it's not as if they go outside at all, at all - so those mites had to have been there the whole time we've had the YOO. 

We don't believe in letting cats outside - they decimate the local bird & chipmunk populations. Not good, not good at all (even though they have so much fun doing it!).

Here are pictures of YOO helping me study:

My birthday is on Saturday! We're going to Mom & Dad's that day, and Mom will make me a Chocolate Slabby Cake, which is a heavy, moist, chocolate cake with hard fudge icing (the "slab" part). It's a wonderful cake. Maybe I should stop at Costco and get them some of that good Vanilla ice cream to eat with it. 

Plus she's making me barbecued chicken. 

And some other stuff. All yummy!

Plus I shouldOughta see ALL my sibs there (idot sibs*). 

I don't know about them, but I'm really looking forward to it; I ADORE being with my whole, weird family! 

That's all I have today.

*A name coined by my brother - he THOUGHT he was typing Idiot Sibs, but it was idot sibs, and now.... my brother IS one.

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