Monday, July 25, 2011

What I ought to do; What I will do; What I have done

I should be doing my homework, which is much harder than I expected it to be.
I should be taking one layer of my earthworms out to the garden.
I should be making lunch.

Wisht I had some more of my birthday chocolate slabby cake.
Wisht my house was cleaner.
Wisht I could play WoW with a clear conscience.

Glad I have a great family.
Glad I can read.
Glad I can paint a little.

Very glad you're interested in reading my blogs. I've been out of it for a bit...highs/lows/highs/lows. First school took the impetus from blogging, then everything else did.

I've started painting pretty blue flars again (I used to paint them as a teenager whenever I was bored, which was often since we lived in a small town with nothing [that I KNEW of] happening).

I'm thinking of making them into a line of notecards and SELLING THEM!
Would they sell as Notecards?

My friends & family think they would sell.
Maybe enough to keep me in paints and paper...

Maybe I can SINGLE-HANDEDLY bring back the Art of Notecard Writing. It helps if you have a fountain pen... also it helps if you can actually write in cursive, which neither my husband nor Eliza can do.  hmph.
But they can print REALLY quickly!

Learning cursive was one of the joys of 4th grade for me. We LEARNED with fountain pens! It was important to be able to write a legible hand. The ones who failed penmanship became doctors, obviously. It was a prerequisite. "You failed penmanship? Welcome to Thomas Jefferson University!" Yep, that's where Brian ended up.

These blue flars aren't anything but figments of my imagination - they're usually pretty, and always fun to do. I was distressed yesterday, so they turned out kind of ugly.  They're still interesting, probably because there's nothing light or pretty about them. They're heavy-handed; I was heavy-minded.
I was brooding.... but not over a clutch of eggses.
Ugly flars.
I might have to do a line of Ugly Flars Notecards for those days when you really don't feel like talking to anyone, but you're willing to write someone a truly depressed note.
I could be playing WoW - but I'm actually going to do two of the things I should be doing. I'm going to do my homework (OUCH!), and, since there was a thunderstorm about an hour ago & the ground should be damp, I'm going to release some earthworms!
OK - I went to do the earthworms, and found out that the reason they were pushing soil OUT of the container was that I was drowning them.
Nobody has EVER called me a good caregiver,
which still surprises me at times.

BUT, it was only the earthworms on the bottom, the ones who were too dumb to rise to the top, that were drowning. So I don't feel as bad as I could.... it was evolution! Like that Beatles song:

"You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world."... 
One earthworm at a time....

Worm soil (poop?) from the worms who didn't want to drown.
While I was earthworming, I found my first cucumber in the garden! Think I'll have a salad for lunch! Hooray!
My first cuke of the year!
Then I'll do my homework, and YodieOdieOdie will help. Sometimes I forget her name and call her DoobieOobieOobie. She'll come to either.

She likes the cadence of her name.
OR she just wants me to shut up.
Yodie helps with my homework.

That's all I got. It's not what I would've written this morning when the computer was down, but it's what I've written now.

Amen, sister!*


*"sister" actually being me, myownself.


  1. I don't know you at all...I just found your blog. I'm a fellow ENFPer and I relate to so many your blog. Thanks for writing it...I will slowly read all the old posts and nod my head over and over again as I rejoice that someone else in this world feels and does the same things I do!!!!! Hurray!!!

    1. It's amazing the first time you knowingly relate to a fellow ENFP. :)