Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Teapot! No ranting! Melted, manky chocolate....

YOO (the PigCat) BUSTED it!
Brian bought me a new teapot to replace the one that YodieOdieOdie busted. 

The new teapot is in the "Brown Betty" style, a favorite of English (as opposed to Asian) tea drinkers everywhere.

It's a beautiful Peter Sadler
teapot, and I love it....

However, what's with teapots that don't pour correctly?

When I try to pour, tea spluts out of the spout onto the table, then dribbles down the bottom of the spout when I try to stop pouring.

My beautiful new teapot!

Methinks we will have to send back the beautiful teapot and get a different one, which makes me sad because Brian bought me the best one he saw (he always does that; he buys me quality items when he would buy himself something of lesser value. He's a Very Good Husband).

OR, maybe we'll keep it as our Around the Table Teapot - it's HUGE, and would be easier to handle when we're sitting Around the Table. 

It just wouldn't be My Personal Teapot, which I use when I sit in my chair and do homework or blog or play WoW or paint pretty blue flars, or take to my neighbor's for a tea party.

Also, since I generally sit for TWO pots of tea in the morning, my mornings would be really, really long.... and what about afternoon tea? What would I do then? Have another huge pot of tea? Would I actually STOP drinking tea at any point throughout the day? 
Thought to ponder....
That's a lot of caffeine! how would I ever get to sleep? 

Normally, I buy my teapots (I buy teapots about once every two years - that's about how long the lids last before I drop them on the ceramic floor; however, that was before YOO joined us) from The English Tea Store, which is right here in Pennsylvania. They carry an excellent line of what they call "Great Value Teapots," or Amsterdam Teapots. These things just cost $8.24. And they don't SPLUT when they pour! 
I'm gonna git me one! Prolly the Cadet Blue one, this time.

These teapots are so nice, and so good, and so CHEAP, that I bought my Mom and one of my siblings one each! They LIKE them!

Well, that's all I have about teapots. Originally, I was going to rant about how Americans can't make proper teapots (I still believe this), but then I did some research and learned that the Peter Sadler company was an OLDE English pottery. 
Shoot, don't you hate it when a really good theory is totally wrong?!

But that's ok, because I really hate rants - reading, hearing, doing rants; being ranted on. Rants are boring. Either everyone already agrees with the ranter, and so doesn't need to hear it ONE MORE TIME (we're talking choir here),  or everyone disagrees
with the ranter, and really doesn't want to hear it at all, at all.

So, anyhow, if you want to buy Anything having to do with Tea, order it from The English Tea Store. They have EVERYTHING! And they're nice, too. 

But they won't let you order chocolate from them in the summer, cuz it will melt. They don't want you to receive nasty manky* melted chocolate, so deny you that opportunity - even if you're Willing to Have Melted Chocolate Delivered to the house because you're too lazy to get off your Big Fat Bum to go to the store and buy it yourownself.

I don't get it.

I really don't.


*if you don't know what "manky" means, and can't figure it out from the context, go to Terry Pratchett, my friend! Your life will be improved by reading some Terry Pratchett.

OR, if you have no time to read, but still wish to be enlightened, you can go here:

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