Friday, August 5, 2011

"Oh! I am soooo happy!", BUT I am a very Selfish Person, YET I saved a Groundhog!

I am a person like this: I am a person who will say, "oh, I am soooo happy!" over the slightest little wee things, Out Loud and Regardless of who is around (usually YodieOdieOdie and/or Moggie).

Today, I am soooo happy because my new teapot (that Brian bought me IMMEDIATELY after reading what a horrible bust That Other One was) arrived and I have FINALLY been able to pour the first cup from it.

No splattering or spluttering from THIS teapot!
And it's Cadet Blue, one of my favorite colors.
And it's the right size.
Oh, I am soooo happy!
Even though I can be soooo happy over the little things, I've learned lately that I've become soooo selfish in my old age. I'm good with that, mostly.  I think it's prolly normal to become more focused on self and self's accoutrements (like husbands) as one ages.

Soooo, I'm generally not selfish AT Brian or any of my kids... but I realize that I'm selfish with people I hardly know, even if they've told me their sad story and I'm sympathetic and I LIKE THEM. The point is, how much can I do? I won't step between a husband and wife unless one is actually beating the other.

For one thing, Brian would kill me dead, and I understand this.
(Don't get me wrong, I'm not GOOD with his attitude,
but I understand him and it, which makes it ok.) 

Brian's much more hesitant to do anything for ANYone he doesn't know - like, for instance, a Vietnam Vet who has NO LEGS and a sign saying we owe him.

My feeling is that we DO owe him, even if he lost his legs after he came back because he was a dumbass with a chainsaw. That's not the point. The point is that he DID serve his country and, for whatever reason, he can no longer stand on his own two feet, AND he can't even stand on his last leg (that's a really horrible joke I just thought up myownself, I'm sorry) ... and he needs help.

Even if it's just a dollar for a coffee (obviously he won't be going to Starbucks, cuz what can you buy there for a dollar?), it will make the day better for him. Sometimes just an acknowledgement of the plight and a buck for a hot drink makes all the difference. OR, since I've never been in that position, I THINK those things would help. And, certainly, there are times when a hot drink is all you want REGARDLESS of your general plight.

ANYway, watch this totally fab video - even if you are not a fan of the music (which is almost unimaginable to me), the idea behind the song (plus the video itsownself) are moving: Reach out!

So, Brian and I will discuss my current dilemma, which is really someone else's dilemma ENtirely, at Our Favorite Bar in the World tomorrow. And maybe my Favorite Bartender in the World will interject with his own two cents. Or maybe not.

And I don't want to talk about it today.

I just don't.
BUT, what I WILL talk about is saving the Groundhog, Woodchuck, Woodhog, Groundchuck!

When my eldest daughter, my onliest grandchild & I turned into our street on our way home from lunch the other day, we saw a weird sight: a Can-headed Woodchunk slowly crossing the road until he hit the curb, at which point he moreorless turned around and headed the other way - aiming for the other curb (which he couldn't see because he had a can on his head).

There was a neighbor lady outside wringing her hands and saying she wanted to help him but was scared to.

I parked the car and walked beside him until, in his misery and lack of oxygen, he splayed himself full-length on the macadam (this is when I learned that Groundchunks have Big Little Hands).

Then ... I grapt aholt ("grabbed ahold" for you others) of the can and swung my arm full length away from myself.

The Groundchuck's body when flying, and his head Popped Out of the can (still attached to his body).

He landed on the ground a few feet from me, dazed and confused, with canned tomato all over his head. He shook his head a few times, breathed really deeply, then waddled off. 

And I was the hero of the day.

Oh, I am soooo happy!


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