Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh my KNEE! Gasted with Flabber, that darn topper

I could not believe it. After at least 3 years of reasonably pain-free Synvisc shots, yesterday Like to Killed ME! I won't go into graphic detail, unless, of course, you want me to... but it HURT!

And I told my doctor it Really Hurt (of course, he could tell, cuz I was leaning forward and gasping and saying, "omg, this time it really HURTS!").

He's not clueless.

But, actually, I think it may have hurt because he was more interested in what I was saying about going to our Marriott timeshare on Saturday. He wasn't paying as much attention to MY KNEE as he should have.

"What, that pain? Oh yeah, I think that was an air bubble. 
So have you been to the really tall Marriott in Orlando?" 

That'll teach me to make conversation while getting a minute-long shot.
Poop on it.

So I had to take it easy yesterday, which is something I can SERIOUSLY do. It wasn't so bad, but it hurt well into the night. Pain.... for ME! Sheesh.

So, today I have to start the job of packing my suitcase for a week away. Usually I leave it until the morning we're leaving, but I decided to be more responsible this time, which means I have to go through the detritus of the clothes bomb in my/our bedroom, do some trying on, some wash, and some pawing through looking for my bathing suit. I haven't needed it for a year - it'll prolly be pretty deep in the pile.

Normally, I'd post a picture*, but I'm afraid some of you would then be ashamed of being my friend/relative/stranger, what with all of you being neatniks&such.
so I won't.
The worst thing about going through the piles of clothes is that LAST week it would've been relatively easy.

THIS WEEK, it has the addition of a Costco Memory Foam Topper on TOP of it. Originally, we had the topper on top of our mattress, and it was LOVELY! But, due to a situation with the kitten that I DO NOT want to discuss, we had to take up all our mattresses and do some cleaning.

I will say that under our bed is REALLY CLEAN now.
Maybe I should post a picture of it?

So we didn't replace the topper because Brian thought it was Too Soft. He's like Papa Bear that way. Now that it's gone, though, I'm beginning to realize why we added it in the first place.
Looks like we'll be getting a new MATTRESS soon...
...or replacing the topper. 

Anyone want a very good, but slightly stained** mattress topper?
Ha! I can hear you from here going EWWWWW!!!!
Totally in agreement with you; well, mostly. It's STILL a nice topper!

ANYway, back to the detritus....

I guess I'll have to shift the mattress topper, which is HEAVY for a poor, pitiful, almost one-kneed Old Chick, but needs must.

No telling what I'll find under there. Wisht my mom was here - she's REALLY strong for an Old Chick. Or would she be an Olde Hen? I dunno, gotta ax her which she prefers.

Me? However olde, I'll always be a chick.
Used to be a Really Cute Chick.... :(

On another note - I had an unsolicited (on his part) conversation with a guy next to me at the bar who was talking about a "Couple of Young Broads" he'd met that day.
I asked if that meant they were very wide... broad/wide - get it?

He was gasted with flabber, and ended up changing his words to "a couple of very nice young ladies."
I applauded him.


*Speaking of not posting pictures, I definitely won't post before and after pictures on Friday! Guess what I'm doing? hurhurhur
Only regular readers of my blog will be able to guess....
My, aren't YOU lucky. Me? I'm skeered.....

**At least I didn't say "slightly soiled," which is sooooo much worse.

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