Monday, June 20, 2011

Yodie - vet; Synvisc shot; COUSINS!; old drunk lady, sigh...

I'll tell you what - veterinarians are ridiculously expensive.

Come on, it's a KITTEN! We ended up paying $99 for her follow-up distemper shot today. Granted, the vet did a good inspection of her & gave her another wormer dose. Yes, she STILL has round worms. What about the worm medicine I've been giving her for 2 weeks? How come that didn't work?

Oh well. She's a good kitten.

HAHAHA! Just got a text from Brian asking me to tell Yodie she's approaching her dollar limit! I said I'd give her a kick, as well. Not really - she's really a sweetheart, in a scratch-the-hell out of you way.

Yodie - the expensive kitten 
I've been hooking up with my relatives in KY through Facebook! Very interesting, since I haven't seen any of them in about 30 years. They don't look like kids anymore. 
Neither do I. 
I go for my Synvisc shot today! I love Synvisc shots - they fill your knee with rooster comb stuff, and no pain from rubbing bones for 6 months or MORE! Well worth having, if you have bad arthritis in your knee!

My doctor has even stopped being disappointed that the shots work so well for me. At first, he'd say "this is just to tide you over until you need surgery, hahaha" But my knee has improved so much (I've been having the shots for about 4 years) that he doesn't even bother to make that lame joke anymore. 

We had a nice weekend, although I over-imbibed at the Bar Saturday night (my Favorite Bartender in the World was NOT watching out for me. I think he's forgotten that I don't like to over-imbibe, but WILL over-imbibe because I'm really, REALLY good at the whole hand-to-mouth thing). 

ANYway, now my mind keeps reminding me of things I wish I hadn't said or done. On the plus side, there was an adorable young man who "fell in love" with me (I was obviously a "mother-type" to him), and we had a good time. He was adorable, and just as happy as I was. I become waaaaay too happy when I drink too much, and think everyone is a friend and loves me.*
Guess I'm glad I'm a happy drunk...

Well, must go to get my shot now. Yay! Good for another 6 months+!

*They are and do, right? I mean, really? cuz I want them to. 

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