Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Now? Kasey Chambers, Moggie's tail

Yodie & Terry Pratchett
Here's the thing... how much can one person have to talk about?

Especially if that person doesn't get out much, is lazy, and has almost finished all the Terry Pratchett novels in her house?

I have to admit, just because I CAN blog, doesn't mean I ought to, know what I mean?

On the one hand, it's a way of staying in touch with family and friends (and STRANGERS!) without having to write each person a separate note - I know, that's lazy along the lines of sending everyone the same Christmas newsletter; but I always LIKE people's Christmas newsletters.

It doesn't matter to me if 9000 other people got the same letter. 

The fact is, someone thought enough of me  to send me one.
(this is typical of an ENFP - or, at least it's typical of me - therefore and ergo, right?)

On the other hand, am I not pretty enough?

"Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don’t I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?"

Am I Not Pretty Enough - Kasey Chambers*


Here's a fine state of affairs! Moggie dangling her tail for YodieOdieOdie to attack.

Yodie plus Mog's tail... uh-oh...

Mogs is almost to the point where she won't hiss at YOO except for the most egregious attacks, such as biting her tail when she's busy in the bathroom.

I would do that, too.
"Which," you ask? "the biting or the hissing?"
...Depends on my mood, hurhurhur. 

Moggie, Mogitha, Mogs, Mogger, theMogster

ANYway, these are pictures I took of them when they were hanging out on the cat tree together, sort of thing.
Yodetta, YodieOdieOdie, YOO, Yo!Detta!


I was also going to put in something about the new way of painting I'm trying to learn from Debi Watson videos, and put in a couple of new watercolors I've done in her manner. 
  • Fact is, they (my paintings, NOT her videos) are really lousy
  • Fact is, I'm LEARNING, gimme a BREAK! OK? 
  • or a BRAKE, even!
Here's a fact I'm giving you free & gratis: Nothing comes so easily that practice doesn't make it better. 

And I'm not saying watercolor is coming easily to me - but it's fun. And Brian always (almost always) thinks they are wonderful, so I'm doing ok. 
I may not be pretty enough, but I have an admirer. Everyone should have an admirer, and if you're married to him - all the better!

Side note: Yodie has totally learned that I do NOT want her walking across my laptop computer. So she's sitting beside it, watching my fingers move, WANTING to walk across - but not doing it. 
What a good kitty. 

*if Kasey Chambers wrote this song, I'd say she's an ENFP too.

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