Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contrariness, Mosaic, Hot DOG!

I've been accused of being contrary... and I am, I AM!
I didn't blog yesterday because I was feeling contrary; didn't want to blog,
so didn't blog. 

Besides, Brian got in early from Boston, so we spent the rest of the day together. I don't often blog when Brian's home because:
  1. he interrupts me all the time, and I either have to be rude to him or stop blogging. Usually, I choose to "ask him nicely" to be QUIET...please, just for a little while! OK?
  2. also, we tend to do things together, sometimes things we ought to do, like take our accumulated Costco boxes to the recycling place (we do this when the sunroom fills up with boxes); or go to Costco (Lord knows we can't take the boxes back to Costco); or, as yesterday, go to Art Depot to buy art supplies!
    I wanted to get a cat's tongue brush like Debi Watson uses. She's the teacher I've switched to from the awrful one I just got out from under; I watch her on Youtube. She teaches in York, and, hopefully, I'll be able to take one of her classes. Yay!!!
    (I tried to link one of her videos, but the server is sooooo slow today - I haven't been able to get any to load!)
Due to Debi Watson's influence (through all those videos I've been watching), I think I'm almost ready to convert Eliza's bedroom into a studeo! Yes, indeedy! Where I can actually paint flatly and with decent light, instead of all squishy on my leather chair with a yellow lightbulb!

    Her Grandfather's house
    Speaking of art, here's a mosaic my mother made
    the other day for her grandson's wife's grandfather. Mom made it of craft wood, grit, and stained glass - and completed it in 2.5 days, because the grandfather is very ill.

    It looks like it was a nice house.

    I've been wanting to visit my parents..., so why haven't I?

    One reason is that I sometimes freak out when I have to drive that far alone. Last time it happened on a bridge on I-81, and I was afraid I wouldn't make it across. Don't ask me what I thought was going to happen, cuz I don't know. But I kept visualizing the car slowing down and stopping on side of the bridge, so had to keep my foot on the gas and make sure I steered.
    I had to take control.

    Coming back home, that time, I took the back roads, which take an hour longer.
    It was worth it. 
    I think it's the speed that gets to me - sometimes moreso than at other times. I have pills that help with speed (but they aren't SPEED! hahaha!)... I should say, they help with the fear of speed. But I can't take them when I'm the driver. Darn!

    I've rebooted the server and cooked a hotdog! These are the BEST hot dogs - Costco's Kirkland brand. They're BIG, and flavorful, and sort of gaseous in the way Ignatius J. Reilly's hot dogs in A Confederacy of Dunces were. These hotdogs have to be BOILED to get some of the flavor out of them...

    I LOVE Costco's Kirkland hotdogs.


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