Saturday, May 21, 2011

Noises in the Night, White SEEment Basket, plans for today

Noises in the night... some are reassuring, some are irritating, and some are scary.

We don't have the scary kind, and I don't notice the reassuring kind - unless it's Moggie purring next to my head. Cats' purrs are definitely reassuring, since a cat will be the first to panic if something bad happens.

So that leaves the irritating noises - of which we have two.

Irritating noise #1 comes from a faulty smoke alarm* on the third floor of our 3-story townhouse. It goes "cheep" at irregular intervals. Occasionally, it goes cheep at regular intervals.
 Like a minute & a half apart; I timed them the other night. 

The really irritating thing about this noise is that it goes quiet as soon as Brian wakes up or walks in. So he doesn't often hear this cheep...
...but sometimes he complains that - as soon as I walk up to the third floor, where he's been peacefully watching tv for the last couple of hours - it cheeps.
It seems to like me.
It wants to be around me and be my friend.

I'm tard of it.

Stupid clock
Irritating noise #2 comes from a freebie clock thingy I received at my last job. It was a Christmas present, and is probably 5 years old now.

I noticed about six weeks ago that the battery had started dying, and, like a fool, I replaced it. I say "like a fool" because something magical happened to the clock with the new battery, and now it plays We Wish You a Merry Christmas every morning.

Not only does it play We Wish You a Merry Christmas (in a really tinny tone) every morning, but the TIME it plays it is awkward. One a.m.

Yes, one in the morning.

The good thing about it is that I'm usually asleep at one a.m.

The bad thing about it is that, IF I'm awake and hear the tinny tones spiraling up the stairs, I have to steel myself for TWO verses! Yes, it's not enough for it to play just one verse - it goes whole hog and plays all the way through TWO verses!

I know - bfd. There are worse things that could happen, and that reminds me of a John Prine song that I CANNOT quote because the worse things** are really rude... don't know how lucky you are.
But still....

btw: We DO intend to replace this smoke detector, so don't none of y'all be writing me notes telling me how dangerous it is to have a faulty smoke detector. Besides, we have four others that are working jest fine.
Apparently completed
I have finished the first rendition of the White SEEment Basket... and am already working on a second.

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you might notice that the background foliage has been liberally covered up with dark paint (the theory being that now it looks like it's further in the distance, right?).

I got tard of it.

That's why I've started a New One.

One that won't have that irritating foliage in the background; which is the beauty of  painting - you can leave stuff out if it irritates you...
...or if it's too hard to paint.
Plans for Today: We have several plans for today.

They are Big Plans!
  1. Dig up the tiny garden and build the new Raised Bed garden we got from theCostco (we will get sweaty..., Brian's out there working on it right now, while I finish this blog. Wonder how long I can fiddle with this blog?),
  2. Go to Giant to buy currants, Red Rose Tea, and Stevia innaBag,
  3. Pick up my 'scrip from the CVS and go to a Really Cool Irish grocery store we recently heard about - and maybe buy Irish bacon so we can have Bacon Buttys that approach the Real Thing (See The Mess, The Butty, and the Immediate Future from April 27).
  4. Go out drinking and carousing!*
Wisht you were here!

    *John Prine fans - you know who you are - click on that link for a really interesting look at John.
    **Actually, just going to the pub and having a couple of beers. Wisht we were carousing, but we are quite staid folk most of the time.
    Well, MUCH of the time.
    My Favorite Bartender in the World will be waiting for us.
    I'm happy.

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