Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dither Mode; Deep, Dark Blue; A Good Woman (me)

ENFPs can enter Dither Mode at a moment's notice.

Dither Mode is when they don't want to do the one thing, but also don't want to do the other thing; or want to do both and can't choose; or, as in my case today, want to do one thing but don't want to do the thing that ought to come first. ENFPs can sit in this state long beyond all reasonable time limits for dithering.

I have an ENFP friend who dithers so much, on such inconsequential subjects, that sometimes she drives me nuts.*
So I make up her mind for her. SOMEONE has to take control, right?

Anyway, I'm in Dither Mode today. The reason? I wanna, wanna, wanna (thank you, Terry Pratchett! It has entered my lexicon) work on my latest watercolor, which is of a white-painted SEEment basket with genteel flaking that reveals the intense blue underneath.

I'm dithering because I think it's time to put in the background, which is of the same intense blue.

It's a very deep, dark color.

First Wash
These two photographs show the First Wash and the Second Wash on this painting. Washes are pale. They are sometimes just indications of where the color will be.

In this case, with all the white of the basket, there will be very little paint in the center of the painting.

It will all be in that deep, dark background....

Second Wash
I got into trouble in Art Class one time because I put in a dark color before I put in my light color. This is a no-no in Proper Watercolors Land.

I don't want to get into trouble again.

Besides, I'm afraid the deep blue will go on all patchy - and my painting will be ruint**!

Ruint, before its time!

What I learned (should that be "learnt"?) in another watercolor that was pretty much ruint, is to make up ENOUGH of a color ahead of time, so one doesn't end up with each dogwood flar a different shade of gray.

So I need to make up a Big Batch of deep, dark blue.

I'm skeert...
...therefore I dither.

When I dither, sometimes I do other - inappropriate - things instead of something, maybe, cleaning house.

Today I cut my hair. Well, when I say "cut," I guess I mean trimmed. I'm sure it will look Really Good when it's dry. Right now it's just hanging in wet strings around my face.

Wet, cold strings.

What's with this weather? Is this appropriate Spring weather? Is it always cold and rainy in May? Why am I talking about the weather? Is it to avoid the real issue here?
Am I too blue?***
Is the deep, dark blue too blue for me?

So far, no drugs today for Brian.
If it works out for him, and he's in no pain, we MIGHT be able to go out tonight. I'm ready to go out. This has been a weird, cold, rainy, week. I need to go OUT!

PLUS, I learned some nifty new makeup tricks online that I want to try out. Never mind that the tricks were all done on women 35 years my junior. These are tricks of the trade that All Good Women should employ.

I'm a Good Woman.

Brian tells me that all the time. He rarely dithers, and NEVER on a subject like my goodness as a woman.

It must be twue.


*I can't hear that term without thinking "ARRRGH!" It's from a joke about a pirate and a ship's wheel.
**OK, OK, someone I know says "ruint," but I can't remember who it is. I just find ruint to be more amusing than "ruined."
***Lucinda Williams rocks! And she's always ready with a really sad song when you need one. Sad songs just cheer me right up.

ps Having worked it all out during this blog session, I think I MIGHT be ready for the deep, dark blue. Maybe...
Pray for me.

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