Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my knee... MY KNEE! Porky goodness....

Oh goodness! Every six months, for the last few years, I've been having a Synvisc shot in my left knee. Synvisc, aka Rooster Comb stuff, goes sliding into my knee cavity (a knee cavity left behind by the desertion of my cartilage) via a Big Old Needle.
I mean, a REALLY Big Old Needle...
(This is in lieu of knee surgery - I'll take the needle, thank you.)

Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all! This is twue... my doctor is sooo excellent at giving the shot that sometimes I don't feel it.

Other times I feel it Very Much, and am left grimacing and walking stork-legged for a few minutes.

ANYway, because I had been on the Grandma Diet (no potatoes, bread or desserts), I'd lost enough weight that, as the most recent six months rolled around, my knee wasn't bothering me (or "boddering me" - a phrase I heard often when my kids were small - "Mama! Eliza is boddering me!").

I thought I was cured.

I did not deign to make an appointment for my next shot of Rooster Comb stuff.

Ok, now I'm sorry. Why? Over the past month, I've done a lot of visiting and traveling and general carrying on. Grandma Diet? Pish! It's sooo easy that one doesn't even have to really follow it!
Eat potato chips!
Eat sandwiches!

The above statements are false!

The best thing about the Grandma Diet is staying on it and losing weight.

So today, metaphorical hat in hand (actually, hand on knee bone*), I called the doctor's office to make an appointment.

I must say, my bottom lip is sticking out Real Far.
So, did not make it to Watercolor Class last night. If there had been a hope of any kind of discourse or teaching/learning, I would've gone. But this is the "show me what you've done and I'll tell you where you went wrong" type of teaching, with added heavy-handed humor.

"It don't favor nobody."**

So I stayed home and stuck a few more shadows into my River/Tree/Bridge picture, and called it done.
I stuck a fork in it.

And called it done.

Get it? A little art teacher humor there.
Case rested.

The Main Reason I stayed home was that Eliza was coming for dinner! Yes, now that she has a Big Girl Job and works Normal Hours (8-4), she is free to come visit us occasionally.

I served Crockpot Shredded Pork for Burritos, which was yummy. The pork shreds up and is filled with what Anthony would call Porky Goodness. And salad.

Nobody ate the salad. It's still sadly wilting in its container.

Eliza is sooo much happier now that she has a Big Girl Job and isn't shlepping dirty dishes in a diner.

She has grown up; she isn't boddering anyone any more.

Yay, Eliza!
ANYway, referring to my original topic - Back on the Grandma Diet.
Getting a Big Old Shot soon.

And, speaking of gimps***, Brian is doing fine. He isn't even getting any time off from work! He's doing com calls left and right - slight buzz from the meds notwithstanding.

He's not boddering nobody.

Me neither.

Life is good.


*which is connected to the OW! bone...
**A quote from my favorite cooking show of all time: Cookin' Cheap!
***I wanted to put in a link to Pulp Fiction's "bring out the gimp" dialogue, but it was way too gruesome for polite blogging, and I was afraid it would bodder someone.

ps: It feels weird not to have any photographs to stick in. (Pretend Unhappy Smiley Face Emoticon stuck in here.)

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  1. You are too funny! We need to get together!