Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Chair, Moggie, File by Pile, Yay ME!

Brian's doing much better today - he's good on drugs. He has the Big Pain Pill and the Muscle Relaxing Pill. He talks a tiny bit goofy on occasion, but basically he's back to normal - if your idea of normal is being on drugs.

Won't last long.... The drugs, I mean.
I think everyone must have a favorite chair. Mine, of course, is in the middle of a Pile of Stuff. I can do almost anything in this chair. I even paint here - the lighting is TERRIBLE, but I'm comfortable.

I'll put up with almost anything, as long as I'm comfortable.
Moggie (ye auld bitch) - the cat who is not Binky* - likes to sit on my lap as I type or paint. She steps where she ought not. Sometimes it's painful.

But I adjust.

Sometimes she turns just so... so my entire vision is filled with cat butt. That doesn't last long. I usually recognize the signs and give her a quick shove. She's offended by a quick shove, but doesn't go away.
Brian informed me today that most engineers** he knows (and he knows plenty) employ the File by Pile method of cleaning or clearing up their areas. I like that. I'm a File by Piler MyOwnSelf.

Works good.

He says it's because their brains are way too busy and filled with interesting stuff to bother with Filing by Putting Away or Organizing.

I'm good with that. These days, when I look at my Piles O' Stuff, I can feel proud that my brain is soooo big and filled with more important stuff.

I'm not lazy, I'm Big Brained!
Here's what I painted yesterday, from a photograph I took down by the river. I haven't quite finished it because I have to have something for Dick to critique tonight when I go to class. He'll tell me what I've done wrong and how to fix it.

It's always good to have something critiqueable when you go in, cuz that way he leaves one alone for the rest of the class.

I like to be left alone.

And here's a mosaic my Mom did of a watercolor I did when I was a teenager. I was really into painting flars - just made up flars of strange colors. Usually daisyesque and blue.

It kept me quiet and out of trouble.

Wisht I'd gotten into more trouble when I was a teenager. That's my one regret: that I was a "good girl." I was told good girls don't cause trouble, so mostly I didn't.

The problem with the good girl mindset is that you don't develop a personality for a long time - because you have no experiences from which to develop one, and no concept of the IDEA that you're an individual.

I didn't develop a personality until long after I married for the 2nd time, and I think that was only because Brian told me I was SUPPOSED to have opinions and express myself.

So it's ok to have opinions and to do things differently. One doesn't have to do something just because that's the way it's always been done, or that's the Accepted Way. Look at my Mom - she took mosaicking to a whole new level on her own, because that's the way she felt it should be done.
It was her opinion.

She also came late to a personality - she was a Good Girl.

I revel in all of this.

Here's to me!
Yay, me!***

and Yay, Mom!


*More about Binky another time; he's worthy of a whole blog on HimOwnSelf.
**apparently not the train-driving kind who wear the cool blue & white caps.
*** BELIEVE ME - I know I sound just like a 14-year-old discovering she's an individual. I TOLD you I came late to a personality!

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