Monday, May 16, 2011

A Good Weekend - Until the S Hit the F! + Cupid

Oh, my goodness. What a weekend. It was good - up until Sunday....

On Sunday, Brian woke up with a sore back that rapidly became a full-blown case of sciatica. If you've had it, you know the extreme pain of a sciatica attack. Being Sunday, the doctor's office wasn't open, and (being a guy) he didn't want to go to the local emergency room.

So we stayed in all day, while he traveled slowly and painfully from couch -
to exercise ball -
to couch.
The exercise ball was invaluable because he could kneel and lie across it, taking the pressure off his spine.

Relief at whatever cost, yes?

This morning, we went to the doctor's first thing, and now he's lying on the couch succumbing to a combination of muscle relaxer and codeine.
He'll sleep all day, God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise.
So, while Brian was moaning the day away, I sat and painted a Cupid - between various errands of mercy on behalf of the stricken.

This Cupid is from a photograph Brian took at my brother's home last weekend. They have a gorgeous piece of property with gardens and bits of statuary all over. My brother's wife is an artist, and she uses her artist's eye to beautify the garden, as well as in her work with pastels.

What will today bring? Probably more of the same - painting interspersed with errands of mercy.

Life could be worse.

To watch a person gradually relax from the grip of agony into sleep is a Good Thing.

We are blessed.


btw - a few weeks ago we painted porcelain photograph frames for the Bride-to-be. Here are the OBX & the Drunken Lizard - after they were fired in the kiln.
I love that Drunken Lizard.

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