Friday, May 13, 2011

Clean Patio! WoW! Popeye!

Yesterday, I cleaned the patio!

Because we feed the birds all winter, and since our patio is a cul-de-sac, we end up with a mulch of birdseed hulls piled in the corners and under the chairs and drifting under the table (yes, I leave them out all winter - unlike my neighbor, who carefully stashes hers in the garage each Fall).

For the past month, I've been thinking about cleaning the patio.

I get that from my Mom - thinking about doing something. What I didn't get from her is the part about actually doing the thought-of thing.
(side note: I do not Think It Out, which is Mom's thing; I just Think About It - totally different process.)

At any rate, I actually got out my broom and dustpan and started the job.

I got a blister on my thumb. (Why do I feel like a Dire Straits song?)

Halfway through, it occurred to me that the job could be done more quickly and THORoughly* if Brian did it with the special, super-duper, water jet thing.
Yes, if BRIAN did it....
I said it, and I'm THORoughly ashamed of myself.

So I called him at work to suggest it to him.
  •     I told him how much cleaner the water would make the patio;
  •     I told him how the water would soak into the garden area, making it easier to weed;
  •     I also told him, in the tiniest of voices: "and I'm all sweaty..."
After he'd stopped laughing, he said, "ok, princess, I'll see what I can do." Which, of course, galvanized me to do a little more sweeping so he wouldn't think I'd stopped too early.
I'm not a wimp, after all, I'm his wife.

Looking at these pictures, I see that I really need to scrub that table top** before we eat off of it. I've been thinking of doing that for years now. Last summer, we didn't eat off it at all, at all; but I was ill that summer, so I had an excuse.

All I did was sleep last summer. I can't do that this year; I really can't.

It was wonderful being able to sleep all the time.

No, I do NOT wish I was ill again. No, I do NOT wish I was ill again. No, I do NOT wish I was ill again.

This year I'm not ill, so I don't need to sleep all the time...
...And, this year, I'm not depressed.
I went through a major depression a couple of years ago after losing my job (due to the incompetence of the then-president. I'll never forgive him for that; I loved that job).

ANYway, two months after I lost my job, my son introduced me to the game World of Warcraft (WoW), which was the saving of me...
...I mean, truly - the saving of me.
I spent hours, days, weeks - years playing this game obsessively.

WoW is what is known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and you can actually interact with players all over the world, although our group is generally just from the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

Here are two of my favorite 'toons, from the 15 or 16 I have strung across several realms. (In my family, btw, we ONLY play Horde. The Horde ROCKS!)
Iseault - Belf Mage

Iseault is a Blood Elf (Belf) Mage, and Tinkerbelf is a Belf Warlock . (Notice how cleverly I intertwined both the name of a famous fairy and her class into her name. I was quite proud of that. In fact, as a Twitterer, my name is Tinkerbelf1. SOMEBODY stole the name Tinkerbelf, so I'm stuck with being #1. I was chuffed.)

Onward & upward - so WoW has been instrumental in keeping us (yes, Brian also plays) in close contact with two of our children - Eliza, who never comes home anymore (we only see her when we meet for the occasional Happy Hour or to give her a car), and our son, who lives in Florida with the Bride-to-be.

Tinkerbelf - Belf Warlock
WoW also revitalized our marriage. I KNOW this sounds stupid, but it's twue, it's twue! For a couple of years, at least, when Brian came home on Fridays (he spends the work week in the DC area), we couldn't wait to go to our favorite bar to drink beer and discuss what our 'toons had done in WoW that week.

They were like children to us, or a Really Fun Job.

It's sad but twue. Our most recent children are 'toons in a fantasy world.

I'm good with that.

Now I have other things with which to occupy myself. Things that are more fun than playing Tinkerbelf, even - I blog, I paint, I clean house.

In that order.

With blogging & painting being Real High on the list, and cleaning house being Real Low.

After all, one cannot change one's essential nature. "I yam whut I yam."***


*Mom's pronunciation - it meant we had to do a Really Good Job on whatever. Sigh.
**Just so you know, I DID scrub the table top, and it looks great! Who'duh'thunk that stuff would come off with just a little soap and elbow grease? Does that compute?

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