Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ugly watercolor, Potty Mouth, Prius

Yesterday, in art class, mine was the ugliest, most pitifullest watercolor.

But it had a certain whimsical charm, which was not duplicated in the art of any of the others - and the instructor said I had a "talent" in some kind of lines, which I don't know what he was talking about and I think he just said it to make me feel better.
What I took to class...

I know what my main error was - well, several of my main errors - in this painting.

But the MAIN main error was not mixing up enough pale gray in the beginning. I ended up with all different colors of gray - many of them entirely too dark.

Are you bored of it* yet?
I am.
But I will redo it, I think.

What I left with...totally fubar!
Potty Mouth: My daughter (I'll call her Eliza**) was a hoot at Mom & Dad's the other day. She was On A Roll.
First of all, she has the mouth of a sailor and her drill sergeant in the Army called her a Potty Mouth.

In the Army...


Second of all, she's a GIRL! Girls aren't supposed to have potty mouths, especially the worst potty mouth in the platoon. Of course, she got away with it because she told her sergeant that her father had been in the Navy.

Which he had.

ANYway, while at Mom's, she started telling us a convoluted story of losing the clutch in her car. My Mom is very hard of hearing, so Eliza was pretty much shouting across the room at her. We three sibs were across from them, and every time Eliza would Shout a Bad Word at Mom in the excitement of story-telling, we sibs would look at each other and mouth, "she said (insert bad word here) to MOM!"

We did this with regularity but, oddly enough, no indignation.

So, finally, she was telling Mom about the guy (she said "DICK" to MOM!) who called the cops cuz she left her car on the side of the road by his house, and we all said DICK out loud, and she stopped her ejaculations*** and said to us, "I can't help it!" then turned to Mom and said, "That PENIS who called the cops...." which just confused Mom since she hadn't been able to follow the conversation very well in the first place.

Meanwhile, we three were snickering amongst ourselves.

(She said PENIS to MOM! hurhurhur)

So - enough potty talk about the potty mouth...
...but she looks so sweet!?!
The upshot of her car losing its clutch ($4,000 to fix it!) is that WE are getting a NEW Prius and giving her our old Prius (which is something we had planned to do in November anyway). She can donate her car to some place that will drag it away. 

Notes on the new Prius: My husband has a talent for getting the ugliest color of car of any make made - mainly because he doesn't care about color. He tells the guy, "I don't care what color," and the guy happily unloads the ugly car he hasn't been able to shift.

Now me, I walk into the showroom and tell them upfront that I will not even consider anything beige, green, black, gray, white, silver, or baby poop gold.
That pretty much leaves blue or red (and it has to be a BLUE-RED, not an ORANGE-RED).

Except for the black, my husband has come home with every one of the ugly colors. Since traditionally I am the one to Get the Old Car when he gets the New Car, I have protested. So, this morning, he informed me that he has called the Toyota place and put in a request for colors in this order:
  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Silver
  4. Black
    (which are apparently the only colors they have at the moment.) 

    Me, I would have left off the Silver and the Black, but he done good just the same.
    He gets a Pretend Smiley Face Emoticon inserted here - and maybe he'll receive a Pink Dogwood Watercolor for Father's Day!
    A good frame can work wonders....


    *While still in high school, my kids started saying they were bored "of" something, which struck us as very strange. We were raised being just plain bored, not bored of a particular thing. However, it has entered our lexicon & seems to work well.

    **Some people are leery of being named in blogs, so I'm calling her this fakeo name cuz it's easier than saying "my daughter" all the time.

    ***it means "To utter suddenly and passionately; exclaim." (for those of you who are saying, "ahhhh! Mary Jo said EJACULATE in her BLOG!")


    1. Personally, I like the different shades of gray!

    2. The beginning shot looks very Japanese. I like it very much. I don't think the second one is as bad as you are inferentially intimating with the caption. It does, however show that trying to conserve paint ain't necessarily a good thing!

    3. Oh, and it was blue, red, DARK GRAY, black!