Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lousy Watercolor, Civics Test, Dirty Girl...

Wow! Trying to do a watercolor of my Favorite Bartender in the World's house is totally sucky. Mostly because I suck at it. I'm lousy at it.
It's 'orrible.

'nuff said. In other words, I will NOT be posting this First Grade-quality watercolor on my site!
Unless I get tickled by it. I mean, it's really pretty sad but funny

It would be tremendously helpful if I'd learned anything about mixing colors in my class. That was the MAIN reason I spent $100 to attend a watercolor class. But, as my instructor would have said regarding the photograph of the house: "there's no light in it; where's the sunlight? How can you do shadows if there's no sun?" - well, he would have been correct, and it's just turned into a muddled, muddy-looking mess.
It's a pitiful watercolor.
I probably WILL post it, if I finish it, and I'll probably finish it cuz, well, how else will I learn?
But still...poop on it.
Here's a civics test a friend sent to me via email. All American citizens ought to take it. It'd be interesting for non-citizens to take as well, but I hope they don't do better than the U.S. citizens do. I really do.

"Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.

This is not an easy test and can be quite humbling."
(I got 63.64%, but I'm not very political, or have a good memory for facts. I'd love to know how well you did! Reply in a COMMENT, below!)
Yodie's poo: Last week, I took a "sample" to YoDetta's veterinarian to find out if she has worms/parasites. Today, it occurred to me that I had not heard back from them, so - despite my dislike of making phone calls - I called them. Guess what?! She has Roundworms and Coccidiosis!

Seems to me like they should have notified me as soon as they found out -
I hope I don't have those things as well. 
I feel all dirty... I'm a dirty, dirty girl.* 

Naw, not really. I just found it amusing to say that.
I talked to Brian and am waiting until he comes home to do the rototilling. He understands that I'm skeered, and is willing to help me through it. He's a very good guy, and puts up with a lot from me...
...cuz I'm a dirty girl.

*I'm reminded of a Frasier episode where he & his female boss are in the radio room - AND THE MICROPHONE IS STILL ON! (The clip I attached above is only part of it...)

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  1. btw - Brian got 90.91% correct. He's very smart.