Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Accomplishments! Kindle, house painting, planting

Wow! You will NOT believe this! I found my KINDLE! Where? you may ask...
Well, it wasn't where I THOUGHT I had put it, obviously. I started out yesterday looking for it again where I remembered putting it. And, again, it wasn't there; I was gasted with flabber. I was undone.

Sooo, when I was upstairs, pretending to myself that I was NOT starting to clean our bedroom, I looked under my bed - waaaaay under, and Guess Who? I mean What? There was my Kindle, stuck against the wall under the bed. Not "stuck" as if with glue or some kind of icky stuff that might be under there, thank goodness, but stuck against the wall from Having Slid Down the wall; so, sort of trapped there.
Where I couldn't see it. Cuz I HAD looked there several times,
but not from the precise Finding It angle, apparently. 

So, I was happy, even though it was pretty much where Brian suspected it would be all along. He's good at that... being correct at all the wrong times. It's probably why our marriage works so well. He keeps me 'umble.

So I plugged in my Kindle - it was Real Dead - went on the computer and downloaded a bunch of free books. I'm set for vacation.
Stick a fork in me, I'm done (i.e., no longer undone).
What I've done this morning: I traced the house of my Favorite Bartender in the World! You may remember that, about a month ago, I was given a COMMISSION to do a watercolor of his house for him. This was on the strength of a photograph on my phone of my then only painting, which was of some local townhouses.

Tracing of his house
Being a fool, I accepted that commission (but I was smart enough to say he has to get it framed himOwnSelf, not me - that's the Expensive Part).

Let me clarify being a fool - I'd painted ONE picture! Do you agree that I was a fool to accept a commission?
Maybe he was the fool for asking me to do it.

ANYway, he finally sent me a picture of his house, and I artfully Artograph-traced it. I gotta say, doing that fence was a BEEYOTCH...and boring!

Next step - omg - gotta paint it.
I am undone....
I planted tomato plants this morning! And cucumbers! and some cantaloupe plants - which may have been planted way too late to actually fruit in PA. I dunno. I didn't read the labels... but the garden center wouldn't have sold them to me if it was too late to plant them - right? 

That's all I have for today. I must say, this blog is not so much a blog, which I equate with teaching or informing, as a diary. I've never kept a diary, but this is easy and fun. Plus it's interesting to see where the people live* who click on it. 

I'm nosy - 

- what I'd REALLY like to see is WHO clicked on it, and whether they clicked on it to read it or if it was just an accident; but that's not possible to see (insert unhappy face emoticon here).

btw - the earthworms are doing fine. I think it's almost time to put a load of them plus their lovely offerings in the garden, since I won't be digging in it anymore, having done all the planting I want to (i.e., intend to).

my hens&chicks
Here's a picture of my hens&chicks. I think I may paint this after the house painting. 

My art instructor might even say this picture is worth doing - because you can see where the light is coming from,
which he's big on. 

I say a cloudy day can be painted, too. 

He says there's no contrast in a cloudy day, therefore it's not worth painting.

I say he's an old poop and I will not listen to him,

PLUS I'm not going to my last class with him. 

I'm going to stay home and drink white Russians (with milk, not cream or even half½ let's just say I learned that lesson recently
- when I stepped on the scales)!

NOT going to art class: Hurray! Huzzah! Woot! Yay!!!

At 7 p.m. this evening, think of me drinking white Russians and smirking....

I am DONE!


*it just shows countries... sigh. Not even cities or towns or addresses or pictures of the people who read it....(lower lip sticking out real far).

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