Monday, June 6, 2011

A Person Like This, The Box, ...rototilling

I am a person like this: When I take a dislike to something (or someone), reasonable or not, that dislike is pretty darned firm (there was a boy from church when I was a teenager... no, let's save that for another time).

Soooo - Terry Pratchett, as I've said before, is one of my favorite authors; in fact, I think I could say he's the favorite author of those in my family who read for pleasure (my son reads about cars and motorcycles - the fixing up of, which doesn't count as "reading" to me).

During this time of A Lost Kindle (see my first ever blog posting), I've been re-reading every Pratchett I can lay my hands on - and I think I have ALL OF THEM*. There was one I'd taken a dislike to - Sourcery - because it was about a little girl who should have been a wizard because she was the Eighth Son of an Eighth Son; except she was a girl.

Those of you who KNOW Terry Pratchett are saying NoNoNO! That wasn't Sourcery, that was Equal Rites!
You would be absolutely correct. 

Side Note: My youngest daughter bought me a whole mess of Pratchett books for Christmas one year, and I'm not a methodical reader. I don't, like my mother, read books in order of events. I read books according to which one hits my hand next. 

Soooo - having already read Equal Rites, every time I would pick up Sourcery, which is also about the Eighth Son of an Eighth Son, I'd put it back down, thinking it was about the little girl. Understand? This isn't too convoluted, is it?
Cuz it feels that way to me.

ANYway - here I am, Kindleless, reading every Pratchett in the house, and finally deign to re-read Sourcery
except - WTF! I'd never read this book before!
I kept thinking, but where's the little girl? When are they going to discover this sourcerer is a girl? Well, they wouldn't, would they? because in this story she was a boy ....

The upshot is that Sourcery was a Present, a Treasure Found; and I, as the Nashville Bluegrass Band puts it - felt like a New Born Soul! What could be better than a New Born (for me) Pratchett that had never before been read (by me)?
A new born soul....

So I've had a blissful couple of days not reading Equal Rites, which I will probably read after this one just to get them both straight in my head. AND, since it's been so long since I've read Equal Rites, that, too, will be a new book for a new born soul.
I am also a person like this: Because I'm an ENFP, I can be absolutely overwhelmed by the thought of a large project. I am currently overwhelmed by two large projects.
  1. Cleaning my house ('nuff said),
  2. Rototilling the yard.
I'm of the female persuasion. I have never mowed (mown?) a lawn in my life. There have always been males to mow the lawns in my life. It's a guy thing; a boy's job.**

For me, a rototiller has the same sorts of bugaboos as a lawn mower. It skeers me. I'm DEEtermined not to have the yard Unrototilled when Brian gets home on Thursday. This deed will be done.
But I'm dretful skeered.

Soooo - to encourage myself - I decided to do ONE constructive thing before writing this blog today. What I decided to do was to clear the Rototiller BOX out of the living room.
Yes, it's been sitting here since we opened it on what, Thursday?

YodieOdieOdie & Moggie with Boxes
I could say we left it there for the cats to play on, and this would be true of the first day. After that, we just ignored the boxes, as did the cats.

So, this morning I cleared out the boxes.
AND I put my frozen berries in a bowl to thaw for the addition of yogurt.

2nd Side Note: Brian is so good to me. Almost every week, he makes me a batch of yogurt. It's the best-tasting, tartest yogurt in the world - with no flavoring added at all, at all.

I add my own flavorings, which are thawed berries. When I'm in a hurry or particularly lazy, I throw the berries in the microwave to defrost - which leaves them warmish. Urgh.

When I'm on my game as a responsible adult, I get the berries out early and let them thaw on their own, which makes them so much tastier.

 I'm being a responsible adult today. It's my job. I'm up to it.

ANYway - I've made a start, then, on both projects.
  1. I cleared the boxes out of the living room, which counts as cleaning! yay!
  2. The boxes were from the Rototiller, which counts towards rototilling the yard! Yay AGAIN!
I just heaved a huge sigh of relief. I can accomplish. I will accomplish.
In fact, I'll just pretend I should be doing something else when I rototill the yard, which will make rototilling Illicit Fun. That's a technique I heard the other day - that it's easy to accomplish anything, as long as you SHOULD be doing Something Else.

Illicit fun....
I'm into it;
It's good.
Mary Jo

ps also, while postponing the skeery thing yesterday, I got Iseault up to lvl 84! Woot! Yay ME! At least I was productive while postponing!
pps I sure hope I don't have to call Brian from the surgery, where I'm getting my foot sewn back on after rototilling it off today. 
*In 2006, there were 35 Discworld books. I don't know how many there are now.
**What's particularly amusing about girl jobs and boy jobs is that my MOM did ALL the boy jobs (except mowing). She could rototill any boy's @$$ off. But that's my mom.... not me. She's been a responsible adult all her life, even when she was two years old.

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