Monday, April 25, 2011

How I lost my Kindle and the house got messier.

Darn it. I lost my Kindle. I know approximately where I put it, and I KNOW it's in a "safe place." When I tell my husband I've put something in a safe place, he groans. He knows that means the item will indeed turn up some day, but not necessarily when we want it to.

So here's what my bookcases look like since I bought the Kindle. Instead of hundreds of books, they're filling up with miscellaneous junk and watercolor supplies.

I've recently started a watercolor class. It's much more intimidating than I thought it would be! Mostly because I'm expected to draw something first. Now, I'm ok with drawing, which is just putting down on paper what one's eye sees. But I get bored. So I quit too soon, then have to draw in bits while I'm trying to paint, which is somewhat counterproductive.

Here's my other's full of books I'm keeping. I did the needlework on the wall. It wasn't housework, so I finished it.

Back to the bad bookcases - in the middle is the tv. This isn't a regular tv hooked up to tv stations (I rarely watch tv, but LOVE Californication).
This is my exercise tv for use with my Wii. Also to be noted is the exercise bike on the right. You'd think I'd be in really good shape. Nope - an old fat lady lives here.

Lately I've been doing what my sister calls The Grandma Diet - which is what a Grandma would tell you in the old days before Real Diets like Atkins, Carb Lovers, or Cabbage Soup. This one actually works for me, although I cheat on weekends when we go out. Here's how it works: Don't eat potatoes, bread or desserts. Period. That's it. The weird thing is that it totally works. Well, it totally works but in a weird way. I've lost INCHES - but not so much actual weight. So I'm putting on jeans I haven't been able to wear for years - but the loss is not reflected on the scale. That's ok by me. Being perceived as thinner is the same as being thinner. (Also, on my version of The Grandma Diet, beer is ok)

I've started to walk more. I LOVE to walk. I also love to sit and type on my laptop or play WoW (World of Warcraft), but walking is better for me.

ANYway, I've come to the conclusion that laziness can be fixed, and my house can be clean. I'm going to start tomorrow.

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  1. You can TOTALLY have them! Figure out a way to get them to VA.