Friday, June 3, 2011

Messing About, Rototiller!, Dead Iseault...

I am not an artist. I am a person who simply likes messing about with paints; simply messing about...with paints.*

I adore ("adore" is a word used by those who are trying to be consciously cute; me - I'm not consciously...I just AM) messing about with paints, and figure that, if I mess with them long enough, I might learn how to use them. 

Basically, what I've learned in art class is akin to coloring in a coloring book drawn by oneself from a photograph (we're not into En Plein Aire yet, which is painting outside (in the air) from what's in front of you; my art teacher doesn't like to do that, cuz his paints dry out and Sand Gets in Things).

Painting from a sketch, sketched from a photograph, is fine by me, since I use an Artograph light box and TRACE most of the pictures I do.

Gotta start somewhere.
Yodie-odie-odie was on a tear this morning - running back and forth through the first floor - pouncing at the Mogster, who simply hisses and jumps on something high.

I understand how Yodie feels - sometimes life is so good that you have to express it in violent movement from place to place.

I'm very much past those days. Why do you think there are always knee remedy ads connected to my blog? I don't put them there - they just show up. They recognize me as a person who can no longer run back and forth, or pounce on unfortunate bystanders and family members.
But the intent is still there. 
"I could if I wanted to," she lied bravely.

Well, it's fun to watch Yodie pounce on the dretful porpentine (bastardization of words by the ghost of Hamlet's father), otherwise Moggie, who is not dretful at all, at all; nor a porpentine.
ooooo! Troy-bilt!
We have plans today!

One thing we might do is unship the Brand New Rototiller from its box!

If we get that done, I might play with it in my yard. My yard is a mass of green stuff, of what I wot not. I should go take a picture for you. You'll prolly wot not, too.

The 2nd thing is that we're going to drive to VA to meet some friends at a restaurant and have a high old time - I've never met either, Brian is Best Buds with the husband, but hasn't met the wife.
We've talked on Facebook and on the phone, and we like each other. We're gonna have a good time!
Yay us!
World of Warcraft! OMG! I totally ffookked up in WoW last night! For those of you who wot not, WoW recently added a bunch of new stuff*** to the game.

Since I never read up on the new stuff (I like to experience it as, ummm, New Stuff), I can be unfortunately surprised. Soooo....

Yesterday evening, I had Iseault, my lvl 83 Mage, looking for artifacts in Tanaris - a desert land (also, pretty much a deserted land).

ALL OF A SUDDEN - there was a POP sound, and the entire desert turned orangish and hot-looking. 

Iseault (and I) looked around, couldn't see a dragon or anything, so kept prospecting. Then, just as she dug up the artifact, she died and won an achievement. 
 It was an achievement called: Stood in the Fire
An achievement I didn't realize it was possible to win... achievement most WoWers probably don't WANT to win.****

ANYway, it ticked me off that Iseault was dead and hadn't had a chance to pick up her artifact, so I (Iseault) ran back to my (her) corpse, resurrected myself (ditto), attempted to grab the artifact... and died again.

Did the corpse run a 2nd time, grabbed my winged steed on resurrection, landed on a nice big bone and ate some food so I was FULL-STRENGTH. Flew back, tried to grab the artifact, and died.
Said a choice word (the one that sometimes has two ff's, two oo's, and a couple kk's). 

Did the corpse run a 3rd time, and died. I can be pretty DEEtermined (how I pronounced it in my head as a child [I had a better reading vocabulary than speaking vocabulary]), but I gave up.

Iseault - DEAD!

Gave up, left her for dead, and went upstairs to read in bed and suck my thumb (not really; I've never sucked my thumb unless I had pulled out a hangnail and had to stop the bleeding).

I've inserted a picture of Dead Iseault. You can barely see her - cuz she's a ghost, and they're hard to see. 

I'm gonna get back on WoW after this, do a last corpse run, and - if those damned flames are still there - I'm going to play with a different 'toon. A lower level 'toon who is not in the vicinity of Deathwing the Dragon. 

Stupid dragon.
In pristine glory
We did it! We unshipped the rototiller! 
And here's a picture of the green stuff 
I wot not, do you?
(i.e., my yard!).

Got my work cut out for me today... but I think I feel a painting urge coming on;
or maybe I should fix breakfast and read my book for a while.
The rototiller will still be here tomorrow; unless, of course, somebody breaks into our garage and steals it.

ENFPs are always psychically and physically prepared for the worst, that's why we have tense bones, even though we're pretty laid back. Or, at least, I consider myself (and Iseault) to be laid back.
Not tense at all; totally laid back.... that's us
(when I read this line, my bones tense up and vibrate).


*those of you who read Wind in the Willows will recognize the the general tenor** of what Ratty says about boats.
**some of you will insist it's more of a general base feel, or even soprano, but you would be incorrect and totally wrong. It's tenor.
***Technical term for Blizzard's WoW's Cataclysm: "An ancient evil lies dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane."
 ****Turns out I'm wrong about this! 
  1. It was Deathwing the Dragon (the above-mentioned "ancient evil") who set fire to the area and, inadvertently (cuz I'm sure he didn't know I was there), killed me ("I" being Iseault - I really don't identify that far with my 'toon. Really. I AM NOT ISEAULT [pronounced EEEzoo]).
  2. and everyone wants to win this achievement! They stand around for days in the hopeful areas.... just hoping Deathwing will pass over and light their fires. (yes, The Doors).

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