Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Sleep; Russians, etc.; Better Bridge

I had No Bad Dreams last night! It was wonderful. Took a Melatonin before bed, and pretty much slept right through.

Sleep is a wonderful thing.
Here is something that amazes me: There's someone in Russia who reads* this blog! Isn't that incredible? That someone as far away as Russia (and India, Germany, Australia, China, The Netherlands - all KINDS of places [and, of course, Canada! Hello, my relatives!]) actually read my blog;
or, at least, they click on it.

Here's what I envision: Someone "improving" their English by reading various blogs, and mine - being filled with colloquialisms - is interesting enough.

Besides, where else would you read "hanging urine-soaked shoes on the clothesline"? (That's from a DREAM! from yesterday's blog! It's NOT something I normally do, or, even have ever done. I would wash them first. I promise.)

I think I'm not going to my last watercolor "class." I can't bear it. I turn into a snuffling child trying to defend my whereabouts and color choices.

Better bridge than before
He DID help me further define the bridge by suggesting I add more black to it, so that was good. But I'd rather learn up front how to manage brushes and color than be told after the fact that my usage was poor.

ENFPs are like that. We hate being told we suck at something. But ask us how we'd improve on our work and we'll fall all over ourselves showing you, telling you, drawing charts....

We KNOW when we suck, we just don't want you to tell us.

Not out loud, anyway; or with nuances or facial expressions - 
well, I guess not at all, ever.

That's what I think; I also think everyone else prolly feels that way, too.

Maybe I should have shown him that I used the fan brush for the grasses to the left of the tree. They turned out well! The fact that he didn't mention them means he found no fault with them.

So now I'm happier...
...he found no fault with my grasses. 
Sheesh! That's pathetic.

I can see that I still need to work on the leaves - or maybe it's just the photograph of the painting that's at fault? I could think that, but it's not true. I'll prolly go back and mess with the leaves some more. It's just that I got lazy** and used my watercolor pencils instead of paint. Totally different effect, at least the way I use them, and just not vibrant enough.

That's the fun of painting, though - you can just keep retouching until it's either perfect or ruined.
I'm not doing masterpieces, so it's ok to mess them about. 
Yodie-odie-odie is a delight. I need to take pictures of her, but she's so dark that she doesn't show up. 

She follows and chases Moggie around. Moggie doesn't seem to mind too much, although she takes offense when Yodie attacks her tail when she's in her litter pan.

I would, too. Certain things should be sacrosanct. At least after the children are over five years old. 
That's all I have today - ain't got no more, no more. No songs to post, no NEW paintings to add, no really cool pictures of the cats or my messy house. I DID clean up beside and sort of under my bed yesterday. Yodie-odie-odie was intrigued, and kept batting around bizarre little things that turned up.

No, I won't list them. I have some pride, you know.

We'll be going to Florida soon to hang out with my son and the bride-to-be for a week. Can't wait! I need access to a pool... and relaxation... and a husband who will totally stop thinking about work for a week. Yay!

Life is good (at the moment, knock on wood!)

I'm very lucky, and I know it.


*I know, I know - just because this person may read it or just accidentally click on it doesn't mean he LIKES it. But I'm an ENFP and say, "this glass is half full, and that person LOVES my blog."
It's better this way.
**What, me lazy?

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