Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bacon Butty & Art Class

Today I will join my friend, Elaine, at McGrath's Pub (our favorite!) for a dinner of Bacon Buttys! I suggested to the owner, Tom, that they put Bacon Buttys (a favorite food of Terry Pratchett, who is a favorite author of mine) on the menu, and darned if they haven't! Well, actually, they have. I can't wait to try one, even though Tom's chef decided to Americanize the recipe by adding lettuce & tomato and making it a BLT Butty. Urgh.

But I can always take the lettuce & tomato off, and at least he's using the REAL British HP Brown Sauce.

I LOVE sauces, even though my family is ashamed of me for this. They think I should savor the taste of the steak. What I savor is the taste of the A1 Sauce and Heinz 57 Sauce. I used to put one kind of sauce on one end of the steak, and the other sauce at the other end. And I'd compare them, bite after bite. Yummy! However, my husband doesn't think good steak should be wasted on someone who just sauces it up. Apparently, he's won on this point, since I haven't put sauce on steak in a long time.

I think I'll really dig the Bacon Butty with the HP Brown Sauce.

And then - on to Watercolor Class!

This is what I'm "working" on now. It's based on a picture (see below) I took of a street near me in midtown. I loved the colors of the picture. Comparing my drawing and the picture, I have a FAR way to go in getting the colors right.

The beauty of watercolor is that you can just start over again, and again, and again - if you're working from a picture.

I will expect the instructor to show me how to get that lovely jade/bluey-greeney color of the porch today. The hardest thing is trying to get DARK colors in watercolor. 

It's easy to get light colors, because they are all full of water. For dark colors, you have to get more pigment into the water...and it is amazingly difficult to hit the happy medium. Which reminds me of a joke.

ANYway, this is a good day to stop being lazy. I have things to do in the afternoon/evening, and a whole morning to drink tea and decide what to do first.

A whole morning to drink tea and decide....
A whole morning to drink tea and...
read my book and play solitaire on my phone.

Oh no! If this keeps up, how will I clean my house?

I am not lazy.
I am not lazy.
I am not lazy.

Today I will ACCOMPLISH!


  1. I'd sure like to see a picture of that bacon butty! It sounds yummy!

    You can get a lot of good hints about watercolors if you read the Lucia books. She and Georgie and Miss Mapp are really into watercolors.

  2. That's true - Lucia did good washes.
    The bacon butty was pretty bad - more about it in the a.m.!