Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's the weekend! Art commission! Friends! The unpile...

I am in an absolutely wonderful mood! Just took a hot shower, feeling all invigorated and ready to go!

We had a blast at McGrath's last night. Met a new friend who MIGHT move here from a horrible place in New York.... I'd say which city, but don't want to offend anyone who actually lives there. Let's just say it's a cold place & I think it's upstate.

He said I'm "awesome." I love people who say I'm awesome!

ANYway, here's hoping he chooses our fair, well, somewhat fair, city over the other one he might move to, which has "Indian" and "opolis" in the name. I'm sure it's colder than this place with "burg" in the name.

THEN, we hung out with our OLD new friends - the ones we've only had for about a month. Do you get the impression we don't have many friends? It's twue, it's twue! We're very insular, and have always been enough for each other, just the two of us (and my Favorite Bartender in the World).

But now we're branching out, and it's fun!

My Favorite Bartender in the World has commissioned a work of art from me - on the strength of a cellphone picture of the watercolor I did this past week! He said he couldn't pay more than $250 for it. I said, "Make it $10 and frame it yourself." He's good with that.

So, today he will send me photos of his house, which he wants me to paint for his Mother's Day gift to his wife. Why isn't there a Wife's Day? What's with all this Mother $h!t? Wives have feelings too, and don't always want to rest on the laurels of Motherhood.

On the other hand, take what you can get! yes?

My mother-in-law and I get a mash-up of Mother's Day dinner together. That way, my husband only has to pay for ONE celebration dinner. It works out well, and a good time is had by all. I strongly recommend this method.

Yesterday, he bought me a bunch of art supplies I couldn't afford because I'm unemployed. The fact that I'm STILL unemployed is my own fault. I'm good with that.

The unpile beside my chair is growing again, but I miss my old pile. I knew where things were in it. Important things - like cuticle clippers and vitamins and cotton balls. Now I have to Get Out of My Chair to scrabble through the new piles in the bookcase and on the coffee table. What a PITA.

I'll never be convinced that cleaning up the house is a good thing. It's just a necessary thing if you're a real adult and no longer playing Little Lost Children in the Woods.

That's what I've been told. (PUSFIH)*

Here's what my sister recently said about house cleaning:

"I think I'll take tomorrow off and clean house and try to get
my karma back in order. 
The older I get, the more I need a clean house to help keep my mind calm

Wow. That's heavy. 

Gee Toto, I guess we aren't playing Little Lost Children in the Woods any more.... 



*Pretend Unhappy Smiley Face Inserted Here

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