Monday, May 2, 2011

"Obama got Osama," bridal shower, The Drunken Lizard

Wow! Bin Laden is dead! As a friend said on Facebook, "ding dong, the witch is dead!"

Obama got Osama!


On to the more mundane, which wasn't mundane at all, at all.

Where we went for the weekend: would you believe Princeton, NJ? For a bridal shower for the woman our son will marry in a little less than a year? And we each made a photo frame (depicting a month; there are twelve) at a local pottery shop for them?

It's twue! It's twue!

We actually liked the area. I like NJ cuz it's flat, and it would be easy to ride a bicycle there. And it was pretty, all green and gardenesque. But Princeton was waaaay too busy, so I bugged out of the opportunity to drive around and look at architecture with my in-laws. Good thing, too, cuz they ended up in a seemingly unending traffic jam while I read my book and took a little nap.

I love reading and napping. 

ANYway, it was a surprise party, and the Bride-to-Be was extremely surprised ... and started crying. It was sweet.

We made a bride-to-be cry.

Here's what I made: The month was August, the place: OBX. It's where my son proposed to the bride-to-be - after a long and arduous unmarried time. Yet, they are well-suited, and know each other extremely well by now. It should be a good, solid marriage.

And it will be a great wedding! There will be SWING DANCING, which is something my other half and I are planning to learn.

Picture this: Two old fat people swinging.*

ANYway, here's what my daughter and her friend made:

The lizard represents my daughter, and the champagne flutes & bottle represent what will happen at the wedding - drinking! ... or maybe they represent celebration? I dunno which...

The Lizard is meant to be drunk.

The Drunken Lizard - might be a good name for a bar?

I can't wait to see these frames after they are fired. What you see now is a pale simulacrum of what they will be - August all dark blue and sandy, January all orange and colorful.

It was a splendid idea for a bridal party. What they'll do with 12 photograph frames, I don't know, because their house is very adult.
Everything is clean and in its place.
And sophisticated.

That "does not compute."

That's why we're giving them our old Jeep Wrangler (only 22,000 miles) for a wedding present. It won't clash with the furniture ...
and the son, The Son, THE SON** will be so happy. He WANTS a Jeep Wrangler.

Weddings are all about the bride - unless you're the Groom's Mother.

And I am.


*yes, as Pratchett would say, it's a "double intender." But we don't swing. We just dance. Sort of.
**"it's a boy, Mrs. Walker, it's a boy - a son, A Son, A SON!" From The Who's Tommy.  A meme in my family.

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