Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happier? Daffodil? Cooperation!

I find I'm happier these days, which is totally weird. On the face of it, I should be the opposite. Look at me - unemployed, getting poorer every day; getting older every day; still a little fat.... but I'm unaccountably happy.

We were sort of discussing it this morning, my husband and I, via messaging - which doesn't leave room for a very deep discussion.

At any rate, I asked him, "did you notice I wasn't nervous in the car this weekend?"
(I'm often very nervous in the car, particularly if he goes over 73 mph. I start clutching parts of the car and moaning softly to myself. I don't think he notices it.)

So he messaged back to me, "I did. Any insight?"
(hmmm apparently he DOES notice the clutching and moaning.)

ANYway, my response was, "I think I'm happier; I'm doing more creative things and we have friends now."

Could so little mean so much? I understand creativity making one happier. Look at my Mom. At the age of 80, or thereabouts, she saw someone do a mosaic on tv and decided she could do it too. She not only does it, but has taken the art of creating mosaics to a whole new level. Her art is amazing! And she's only really happy when she's mosaicking (or when she's with us kids, but that's a given, cuz we're, like, the best kids EVER!).

Daffodil: Here is a watercolor I did on Monday. I had to take the photograph of the daffodil back off this blog, cuz it made my watercolor look sad. Without the comparison, it's not too bad.

"And that's cooperation!" Which is a line from Sesame Street I used a lot when my kids were young.

And now we have friends, who I have mentioned in earlier blogs. They are nicely oddball. 

A little kooky.

They are both artists, and look good in hats.

I visited them yesterday, and guess what?

Their house was messy! Not as messy as mine, but I discounted that fact since they'd had a couple of days to clean up before I went over. My house can look less messy too if I know someone's coming over.

But that's prolly why we don't normally have friends - it would mean having a grown-up, clean house.

Instead of pleasant squalor.

And watercolors.


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  1. You comparing your painting to a photograph reminds me of a cogent piece of photography advice I saw/read/heard: Your camera is not a photocopier. Similarly, your canvas is not a camera!