Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daffodil Phase, Worm Farm, Compost

I do believe I'm in my Daffodil Phase - as a painter, that is.

I think they look better as watercolor photographs; my husband disagrees...
...bless his heart.

We're waiting for our Worm Farm to get here! Yes, we will have worms in our home. My next door neighbor will freak! Which makes me grin.

They're good red worms... they will be composting my teabags, his coffee grounds, our bananana peels, etc.

In go teabags, out comes compost!*

We've tried several different composters - my favorite being the Let It Sit Til It Stinks method, and then take it outside and dump it on the garden. I think it will compost just fine in situ. That's the way my grandfather did it, and he was a gardener for a Long Time.

But worms will be more fun.

We got the worms yesterday. They came in a box from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. After much discussion, and after 24 hours while the box just sat there, we decided we should at least open it and let some air in. Then we decided to read up on it, and found out we should ALSO pour 1/2 cup of water on the bag they are in.

Then I put a used teabag in. I thought they might be hungry, which they were cuz a couple of hours later they were all over it. I didn't tell my husband about the teabag at first, cuz he's a scientist and you have to give him proof that something is necessary. For instance, he would NEVER clap just to keep a fairy from dying... no one has successfully proved to him that fairies are alive, so how can clapping help?

Not even Lady Cottingham's Pressed Fairy Book proved it to him, and there were REAL drawings of pressed (as in pressed flowers) fairies in it. So you see what I'm dealing with (bhh**).

ANYway, we're now waiting for Uncle Jim's Worm Farm to send us the actual worm farm that the worms will call home. Uncle Jim says they shipped it, and it might get here today.
Ain't here yet, and it's getting pretty near my dinner time!

I wonder how grilled worms taste. At least they're all meat... sort of. Lots of protein... and they Fatten up Real Good.

Next year, my daffodils should be AMAZING from all the Worm $h!t, I mean COMPOST, I'll be putting on them.

Wonder if I'll still be in my Daffodil Phase?


*I suspect that "compost" is a/an euphemism.
**bless his heart

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