Friday, December 2, 2011

Smart phone? Spoons; Cat tinkle...

Having a smart phone means never having to say you're bored. When Brian and I are at the bar and I'm talking to someone who bores him, he plays Solitaire on his phone.

When I'm waiting for my computer to update itself... I'm playing Solitaire or Sudoku or checking Facebook on my phone.
We're never bored. 
The downside to never being bored is not having the time to think, to dwell on things, to let thoughts ramble... to daydream. I was a daydreaming child - one of my best memories, though slightly horrible at the time, was of being by the open window in third grade, while the old man mowed the lawn. I was sniffing that good green smell and was wafted away ... 'til I was brought down with a crunch to answer a question. The question was probably, "are you WITH us, Mary Jo?"

Our brains are spoon-fed all the time now. 
Speaking of spoons, wisht I was born with a silver one (or gold!) in my mouth. Then maybe I could have a maid/housekeeper. I'm the right kind of person for a maid - messy & lazy. My maid would have plenty to do, and plenty of job security. I'd LOVE my maid...
...I'd also love a cook.
Here's a thing I never had before: A cat who tinkles when I tinkle. I go in the bathroom, she comes running in. I do what I'm there for, she does, too. Sometimes I talk to her, and ask her how come she's tinkling at the same time I am - but she just lays her ears back. It's rude to talk to someone when they're tinkling. So I let her be.
Was that too much information?
Maybe, but interesting?
Well, maybe.
My turkey leftovers are all gone. :*(
That doesn't mean I want to roast another turkey from hell that took 12 hours to cook and we didn't eat until 11 p.m. that night. Forget the stupid turkey! Let me eat pah!
Which, of course, we still don't have.
Life is hard when you're too lazy to make your own pah. Although, if I REALLY wanted a pah, I'd make it, but this is part of my weight loss plan. Think of something I'd Really Like to Eat, then DON'T MAKE IT! Works like a charm. Wonder if I should patent that idea? Wait, I don't think one can patent ideas. Well, just remember, you heard it here first. It was MY IDEA. (I'm a middle child - I need recognition when I come up with ideas.)

That's all the rambling this spoon-fed brain can handle at the 'mo. Think it's time to fire up the computer (which, obviously, is already fired up) and play WoW. Or check Facebook. Or check email.... 
Or sign up for the class that starts next Tuesday (I hope it's full already, I need some daydreaming time!).


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