Saturday, November 26, 2011

Radishes? Pah? Chocolate in bread? El yummo!

What the HELL happened to radishes? I admit (readily) that I'm WAAAAY older than I was* when I first tasted radishes, and maybe a few taste buds have died or otherwise gone South, but where is the flavor? Where is the pepperiness? WTF????

Currently, all the appeal to radishes is their color (red) and their crunch (exquisite).... but there ain't no taste at all, at all.

Why I'm on this rant: I've been on a Chef Book Fit for a while now - mostly.... all right, MAINLY... of the books of Anthony Bourdain, who I adore even though I think he's a snarky, skinny dodohead. He's not a wonderful person, but he's honest, and I like that in a person. Through him (now I'm getting to the point) I learned of Gabrielle Hamilton's book, Blood, Bones & Butter. I don't like her book quite as much as AB's first book, but I still like it a lot. I love it when people write about their childhoods, and hers was marvellous until it went pear-shaped, flared and burned. Then she was on her own....

Her mother is/was French, and Gabrielle inherited a lot of the French mentality. One of the things she does at the bar in her restaurant (Prune, Brian says we're going there some day - I can't WAIT!) in NYC, is serve Radishes, Butter & Kosher Salt.
I want some. 

So I tried it yesterday, and it would have been YUMMY if the damned radishes had had any flavor at all. I admit to putting them on bread, cuz I had read of that somewhere else - good Tuscan bread with some chew* to it.  (Another thing I'd read in a Cook's Book [I'll come up with the name later] was to wrap really good, fresh bread around a piece of chocolate & eat it. I've tried it... It's GOOD!)

ANYway, the butter was good, the bread was good, the salt was good.... the radishes? mere crunch. Sigh.

We're cooking a turkey today! I know it's two days after the American Thanksgiving, but we celebrated Thanksgiving at Brian's parent's house, so don't have any leftovers.
We LIKE leftover turkey.
We WANT some.
So we're doing the responsible thing and roasting our own dead turkey. Eliza is coming over to help eat it. She'll go home with lots of leftovers of her own, plus we'll clean out the freezer & pantry before she goes... that way she can take all my extra stuff. I love giving away the extra stuff.

Kids are for taking your extra Costco stuff.... it's the Rule.

ANYway, that turkey is smelling mighty good. It's been cooking for HOURS in a really slow oven. Brian makes the turkey, I make the gravy.
I make GOOD gravy!

That's all I have. Happy Thanksgiving!

Idot Sib #3

ps wisht we hadda Pah. Ain't nobody guv us no pah. I ain't makin' no pah. We got no pah. Sigh.

But lots of turkey!

*I was somewhere between 2 and 6 years old. Mom & Daddy grew radishes in their big garden, and we would pull them up, brush the dirt off them, and crunch them up, sometimes with tears running down our faces because of the peppery taste and sting. It felt good. It felt like home.

**NOT the "chew" we learned about in West (by God) Virginia, with the tv commercial that said, and this is REALLY TRUE, "Juices up Real Good!"
Gag me with a fork!

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